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10 Funny Photos Of Dogs From Prizewinning ‘Be More Dog’ Project

These photos appear in the prizewinning, ongoing series ‘Be More Dog,’ a humorous exploration and commentary on current events and social practices, using dogs as stand-ins for people.

“Some images are comments on contemporary issues such as feminism, patriarchy and world politics, while others take a lighter look at social hierarchy and current trends,” explains the creator of the series, dog-loving Australian photographer Belinda Richards.

Are Dogs The Best People?

Richards, who is one of the winning photographers of the prestigious Creative Photo Of The Year 2020 Siena Awards has also won the 2019 AIPP Australian Pet/Animal Photographer of the Year and the Nikon NZIPP International Photographer of the Year.

She’s also the founder of the Dogs Are The Best People project showing that, like people, dogs have unique individual personalities. 

“I believe this is why we have such a strong connection to our furry friends and I decided as a series it was hilarious, adorable and so human like,” she says.

Funny Dogs, Popular Dogs

The ‘Be More Dog’ selection of pictures captures the canine protagonists’ unique expressions, poses and personalities while, thanks to the mastery of Photoshop, the photographer makes simple statements on modern society with a dose of good humor.

After all, dogs are among the internet’s favorite animals, if not the favorite.

The debate over which pet is more popular in social media, canines or felines, is never-ending.

Who Is More Popular: Cats Or Dogs?

In any case, dogs are at the top of all lists of most popular online animals and the most famous are real celebrities, with millions of followers and lucrative brands chasing them.

Recent research around the popularity of dog images on the internet shows that simply looking at dogs and pictures of dogs can make a person immediately happy and increase the flow of serotonin and dopamine to their brain, almost creating a drug-like euphoria.

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