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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Friends With Benefits Relationship

A lot has been said about having a friend with benefits due to the hassle of keeping a real relationship.

With many people thinking that an exclusive relationship comes with too many complications, more people are embracing the idea of a friend with benefits instead.

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These are some of the things you should know before you start a FWB relationship.


Let us admit it, we all don’t want to be left dry when that horny feeling comes so the convenience of having someone you can shag with without having to worry about feedings is a good ne. Most people love this because they can easily move on to other things after sex.

Fulfilling Fantasies

It is easy to be bothered with what your partner might think in a serious relationship if you try out your wildest fantasies but with a FWB relationship, you are able to explore and experiment with many things. Even if the other party is not cool with it, you can both easily move on by ending things with no hard feelings.

Less Drama

FWB comes with the peace of mind that there is less drama and demands on you as a person. Imagine having no girl to ask you for money to fix nails or hair and the many other things some girls can come up with. Your sexual partner is simply a friend and you don’t feel obligated.

You are open to other people

FWB gives you all the freedom in the world like one night stands, flings or whatever you want. There is no commitment to anybody and your friend with benefit can’t get jealous because they understand the deal.

Wanting more

The major source of headache in FWB is that someone always ends up wanting much more than what was originally agreed upon. There are tendencies to start developing deeper feelings that ultimately leads to complications.

Safe sex is forgotten

It is easy to forget about safe sex when regularly having sex with a particular person. FWB sex is also most times instant, less talk and more action. Careful thinking can be lost in the heat of the moment or when in the throes of passion.

How do you end?

Everything that has a beginning must have an end and it can sometimes be more awkward than you imagined starting up that conversation to tell your partner that it’s over. True feelings may not involved but still the other party might be hurt.


You are entering into an FWB because you want to sow your wild oats but can you handle the work involved? It takes a lot of energy and maturity to handle more than one friend with benefit so if you are going for more than one, be ready for all the work.

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