FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

What is IMeBuzz?

This platform is a sub-site of imesocial but not limited to imesocial. It’s an online entrepreneurship bulletin. Not Just a News Platform! IMEBuzz is simply put, a marketing content driven platform for all user and business owners.

How long will i continue to earn IMeCoins?

Unprecedented! Nevertheless, we reserve the right to stop or discontinue this revenue opportunity as it’s not IMESocial’s primary objective. Our primary objective is to build a profitable online business for all our users in different online niche. IMEBuzz was created to give you relevant information based on your niche of choice and reward you as you learn and build your online business!

Don’t get distracted!

Do i earn money here?

Yes, in form of IMeCoin. This coin is centralize across all imesocial sites, your coin balance is not limited to only activities you engage in here but also on other imesocial sites.

How much is IMeCoin worth ?

1 coin is equivalent to $0.005 USD or 200IMeCoin = 1Tok (IMESocial Token)

This mean a single Token is $1 and you need 200 IMeCoin to buy a token.

When do i get paid ?

Kindly refer to IMESocial’s Terms – Click here

Why did i get 2 IMeCoin for sponsored post ?

The 2 coin you got was for reading the sponsored post or any other post on the buzz site. But to get the reward share you need to click the link at the end of the post or between the post.

Why is this so? We want to ensure you actually read the content of the advertiser and regulate the revenue share for users that comes in first.

If you click the button or link and still didn’t get the reward, it means all the available coin for the post had been claimed for that day or you’ve already claimed it.

Where is the money coming from ?

IMESocial get 10% of ad slots revenue and 90% is shared evenly with users.

We strongly recommend you visit the sponsored post regularly because the sponsor reward is based on first come first serve. e.g If advertiser pays $100 for a sponsored post, imesocial takes $10 and $90 will be shared in IMecoin to first few reader that gets the bite of the $90. Nevertheless, you still earn your 2 IMeCoin for viewing the post.

To get notified once a sponsored post goes live, click on the “Follow” button to start following!

How do i earn IMeCoin ?

You earn coin every time you read a post, submit an approved post, comments, like and read sponsored post.

Note: You earn the regular coin for reading a sponsored post and at the bottom of the post, you click on a link to claim extra coins for the sponsored post. e.g If you earn “2 IMeCoin” for reading post, and the sponsored posts awards you “50 IMeCoins”, this mean you earn “52 IMeCoin” for reading the sponsored post. If you forget to click the link to claim your “50 IMecoin” (for instance) you won’t get it, but you’d only get the initial “2 IMeCoins”. But you can always claim the sponsored coins anytime as long as the post still exist.

Do i need to pay before i can earn ?

No! Registration is free!

However, imesocial has a membership plan that places a clause on all other sites under her. You are not limited to the amount of coins you can earn but you’d eventually need to upgrade your account.

Click here to learn more

Can i create multiple accounts ?

No! To what end? to earn more coins? That won’t work either because the earning opportunity on IMESocial is not limited to IMEBuzz, you’d need to have a central account, just one. Multiple account won’t just only frustrate you but may result in your account getting banned.

Besides, you’d be required to do a KYC verification to withdraw huge payments.

Multiple account per user is not allowed or advised.

What payment/withdrawal method is available ?

It depends on your Geolocation/Country.

Some e-wallet may include; voguepay, paypal, skrill, etc

But you can withdraw in cryptocurrency if you’ve used it as a method of payment on the main sites.

Note: you’d have to convert your coin to token first! Minimum token required in 10 tok.