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Podium co-founders Eric Rea and Dennis Steele Kiln Coworking Space Before Eric Rea and Dennis Steele co-founded Podium, they were just two guys with a mission to help small businesses have meaningful interactions with their customers. Just six years later, Podium has become a company that does over $100 million in annual revenue, reaches 1 […]
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Visa is offering $100,000 in grants to U.S.-based, black-women-owned businesses as part of a series of recent initiatives to support small businesses. The application process opens today and extends through July 31, 2020. Grant recipients will receive mentoring by private coaches, educational resources, connection with a network of female business owners, and an annual membership […]
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New York State could make up some of its Covid losses by moving sooner than later to legalize … [+] recreational marijuana, entrepreneur Howard Lee says. Getty Images Andrew Cuomo shored up a lot of political capital for his strong leadership during the worst of New York State’s Covid-19 crisis. Indeed, fully 87 percent of […]
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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – John Legend attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party (Photo by Rich … [+] Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair) Getty Images for Vanity Fair It’s not new for musical artists to leverage their careers for successful entrepreneurial ventures, from Kanye West to Gene Simmons. But now the behind-the-scenes creators have finally […]
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Pollinate Group entrepreneur selling a solar light to a customer in Bangalore Neville Sukhia Back in March and April, the folks at the Pollinate Group were in a state of emergency, like most small businesses around the world. For the past seven years, the Melbourne, Australia-based enterprise had trained and developed women in poor areas […]
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Of the many cascading consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, one is the deepening digital divide between those who can readily pay for and access the Internet, and those who can’t. With Americans sheltering in place and working from home, households that have immediate access to the World Wide Web have an obvious advantage: they can […]
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Dell, Facebook, Yahoo!, Time Magazine… Those are some of the world’s biggest corporations, but there is another common feature they share. Their story to stardom can be traced all the way back to college dorms, where some young minds decided to bring their entrepreneur’s vision into life. You may not be the next Mark Zuckerberg, […]