Dell, Facebook, Yahoo!, Time Magazine… Those are some of the world’s biggest corporations, but there is another common feature they share. Their story to stardom can be traced all the way back to college dorms, where some young minds decided to bring their entrepreneur’s vision into life.

You may not be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but his example definitely proves that it’s possible to set up a successful business while still in college. You may start with some simple work-from-home side projects that will help you generate enough income to cover your daily expenditures. And who knows maybe one day that will bring you to Forbes list of the world’s billionaires?

Here are some of the best ideas for businesses you can easily start as a student.


The fact that you are already in college implies that you’ve successfully got through SAT/ACT and achieved some academic proficiency in a number of study areas. Why not share your knowledge with those who are just starting their way towards higher education? There is a strong demand for tutoring in historically challenging subjects such as math, physics, and English among the high-schoolers. Thus, if you have a knack for those disciplines, you can expect to earn anywhere between $10 to $100 an hour for helping kids ace their exams.

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You might also find employment on campus through your school’s peer tutoring center. If you register as a tutor at your college, all you’ll need is a profound knowledge of the subject and a few spare hours a week. The center staff does the rest. They will match you with the tutees who are struggling in the areas you focus on, exempting you from searching for the potential customers.

6 Startup Ideas for Future Entrepreneur
You might find employment on campus through your school’s peer tutoring center. Pixabay

Online Courses

You can amplify your teaching business up to the next level by wrapping your expertise into a viable information product. Unlike with the tutoring, you are not restricted to academic materials or student audience only. You can take any of your skills, be it vegan cooking, sean nós dancing, watercolor painting, or computer programming, and turn them into a lucrative online course. As production of quality content might be pretty time-consuming, don’t forget to have your back covered. Check out or should you need some help with your school assignments.

The good thing is that such an educational startup requires minimum upfront investments. All you need is a camera/smartphone to record the video lessons, laptop, or another gadget to edit the materials and fast-speed Internet to upload them to the dedicated YouTube channel or e-learning platform.


If you have a keen eye, a decent camera, and a flair for capturing genuine moments, photography is a perfect springboard to setting up a profitable college startup. To get this venture off the ground, you will also need some lighting equipment and decent editing software. There are multiple courses into which you can channel your business efforts:

  • Photo stocks. You can sell your works on popular stock imagery sites like Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and iStockPhoto. The principle of such cooperation is quite simple: every time someone licenses the photo you’ve uploaded, you receive royalties, and the platform collects the commission for their services.
  • Wedding photography. This is a very fruitful niche, as many couples are willing to shell out $2,500 — $10,000 for professional photo coverage of their special day.
  • Photo studio. You may choose to specialize in children or pet portraits or make a name of yourself in fashion shooting or product photography.
  • Corporate photographer. You can partner up with different venues in your area, like nightclubs or galleries, to become the official photographer for all their events. You might secure the deal with local companies to create their marketing materials, corporate headshots, and brand images.

6 Startup Ideas for Future Entrepreneur
Photography is a perfect springboard to setting up a profitable college startup. Pixabay

Event Agency

Do you like to throw smashing parties that are on everyone’s lips for weeks? Have you got a handful of tricks to make any meeting run smoothly and efficiently? Are you good at getting along with different people and know how to manage a team? Then event planning business might be a great way to monetize your skills.

The scope of possibilities is really vast. You may organize all-night student raves, become a pro in making stunning wedding decorations that will go viral on Instagram, or turn into someone’s fairy godmother for their birthday. Event planning also covers arranging nightlife entertainment like son et lumière shows, DJ sets, concerts. You can also establish bonds with other businesses and take care of their corporate events, including team-building activities, seminars, conferences, holiday parties, product launches, and appreciation events.

Travel Consulting

Low-cost flights, advanced technologies, the Internet, and overall globalization has sparked the wanderlust in many souls. As more people are following their desire to explore new places, they are looking for those who can lead them off the beaten tourist path and introduce them to the secret local gems. So if you are a traveling buff, who can spend hours on the Internet scouting for the best ticket combinations and planning compelling routes to the most uncommon destinations, you could be making a lot of money by crafting unparalleled tour packages.

You can start with a travel blog, sharing your notes from the road with the akin nomadic minds. It’s a great means to reach out to your target audience and promote your consulting services at the same time. You can also create a Facebook or LinkedIn group to notify your followers about the latest news and planned trips.

6 Startup Ideas for Future Entrepreneur
You can start with a travel blog. Pixabay

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3D Printing

This is one of the foremost startup ideas for tech-oriented entrepreneurs. 3D printing can offer numerous benefits, including cost and waste efficient production cycle, unlimited shape and layout structures, broader possibilities to identify flaws in the design, fast-track progress from prototype to the final product, and freedom of customization. These perks make it very appealing for individuals and companies alike, so it is worth investing in this technology. Depending on the equipment and business model you choose, upfront costs could reach $1,000 — $ 10,000.

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