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How To Delete Old Tweets, RT’s, Likes Or Twitter History Archive?

Do you wish to start using twitter like it is a new day?

Do you wish to delete a few embarrassing tweets, like, retweets?

And why now, no one has ever started using a social networking website with a play book. It is only with time, we realize that our updates on social networking sites also impact our relationship, and career.

Like it or not, this is the harsh reality of social media. Your social media profile is your first impression, and if you should constantly clean-up your social media profile to reflect your current state of mind.

Now, today, you will be learning:

  • How to delete old Tweets (By date, in bulk)
  • How to delete all likes and Retweets
  • How to delete old Twitter history archive

For those who are looking to restart, you should aim for deleting old Twitter history archive. And for recent offenders, you are also on a treat today.

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So, without further delay, lets learn how to get this done:

How to Delete old Tweets in bulk and Fast:

Here is how you can delete old tweets:

  • Sign-up for Circleboom using your Twitter account
  • Click on Tweets > My tweets
  • Select the Tweets, and delete it.

Note: Due to Twitter API limitations, you could delete only recent 3200 tweets, and to delete tweets older than that, you need to use the Twitter history archive deletion method that I have explained in the further section of this tutorial.

Once you are logged into Circleboom dashboard:

Now, on this page you can use the search feature to find tweets you want to delete. Or you can simply, delete all tweets in bulk and within minutes.

See the screenshot below for better understanding:

How to Delete Twitter likes and Retweet?

This one works the same way as above.

Go to My tweets > Unlike

Within second, this tool will auto-populate all your likes.

You can selectively unlike previously liked tweets, or you can click on “Unlike all” and this will give you option to unlike each and every Twitter like on your account.

Similarly, to delete Retweets, you need to select My tweets > Delete RT’s

That’s it! Within few clicks, you uburden yourself or your clients from embarrassing twitter experience.

But what about your history?

How to delete old tweets from archive?

As I said earlier, using the above method you could delete only recent 3200 tweets, likes or retweets.

But how about:

If you need to delete tweets which are tweeted a loooong time back?

How could you search your twitter account for tweets and delete them?

Well, this is where you take help of a feature called “Twitter archive”

This feature let you create a backup of your Twitter history, that you could download. You could use it for multiple purpose, but in this case, we will use it to search and select either all of our Tweets, or selected tweets from our account.

Here is a video shared by Circleboom team on how you could use the delete old tweets from archive feature.

What I liked the most here is, option to find tweets based on dates. Which is very useful, when you wish to delete all updates from a specific timeline of your profile.

Note: Depending upon the age of your Twitter profile, this could take a while (Couple of hours) to generate the archive of your Twitter data. You will get an email as soon as the data is ready for download.

Conclusion: Delete old Tweet

Well, that’s how you go about bulk tweeting old Tweets. It is a good idea sometime to revisit your initial tweets, it may crack you up or possibly save you from future embarrassment.

  • How often do you clean-up your Twitter profile?
  • What all factors do you consider when deleting tweets or even undo RT’s?

Share your experience, and thought process in the comment section below.

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