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Difficulties Presented When Riding an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have thrown in a bigger transportation net in the cities that have already legalized their use. This mode of transport, from its name, involves the use of electricity stored in batteries, unlike their fellow petrol bikes whose engines operate on fuel. It contains its own pro’s and con’s that involve their use on the road. Important notice has been placed on the disadvantages that come with its use. The following are some of the demerits that come handy when transiting in them.

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Since these electric scooters have quite heavy batteries, it would prove to be a challenge to bring it on the subway. It is a quite dominant and ground flouting mode of either personal or public transit across urban areas. They also prove to be troublesome to pedestrians who walk along with subways and bring nuisances disrupting the peace of most casual pedestrians. Being electrically operated, they contain some safety hazards, too, which are environmental. They can hardly carry heavy pillion riders along the subway as they are already substantial, and often, their tyre pressure needs to be checked in a consistent span of 2 weeks or so.

Difficulties Presented When Riding an Electric Scooter
The scope for locking an electric scooter up is quite minimal. Pixabay


Since exclusive prioritization is given to cars, blind allegiance to parking space is provided to vehicles; hence the scope for locking them up is quite minimal. Since they have very few users, the prices the electric scooter users pay for locking the bikes up is quite high. They are often not given vital consideration as they also occupy more space when locking them up as compared to other bikes. They are also proven to be environmentally unfriendly due to pollution caused by the batteries; hence the space for locking them up may not be provided in a bid to minimize their use.


The speed of the electric scooters is quite low as the power obtained from the battery is regulated. The motor accessories yield less energy as the electric bike is quite substantial. The speed varies with the wattage of the cell as higher voltage, and higher charge provides a relatively more top speed, which decreases with the decrease in wattage and charge of the battery. Alongside its speed, the running range of the scooter is quite less hence needs so much care and regular maintenance to optimally acquire service of the electric bikes in terms of speed and its running range.


The electric scooters usually have relatively tiny wheels that make them easily susceptible to crack on roads, potholes, and road debris, which may lead to the electric bikes failing or rolling over, hence causing small accidents that could be fatal. Since electronic scooter users are said to be the most vulnerable to road injuries, the small wheels require a higher level of skill in its maneuverability and artistic balance when riding them.


Electric scooters have relatively less power and pick-up and can ride only over very gentle slopes like those found in flyovers, but if the hill is quite steep, the electric scooter would be useless for use in such a zone. They cannot accelerate from a stationary point and can hardly overtake any means of road transport. All these are because of their battery wattage, which is not quite efficient to enable it to have power and enough pick-up for use on the road and even on steep slopes.

Difficulties Presented When Riding an Electric Scooter
Electric scooters have relatively less power and pick-up. Pixabay


The electric scooters are way more expensive than petrol bikes as they have more complex accessories than petrol bikes. Also, the use of electric scooters could prove way more costly than petrol bikes and scooters since motors often need much care and don’t last long compared to engines of petrol bikes. The battery life of electric scooters is quite short, and its consistent replacement would result in incurring high costs. Since they have no market value, the taxes payable for operating these scooters can be relatively high.

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This is the biggest challenge faced by electric scooter users when they want prospective buyers to sell their scooters. They hardly have any market value as they can prove to be quite useless after their operation lifespan of around seven years and often need a replacement for their batteries; hence, they would unlikely fetch a higher value than place it for scrap value.

Since electric scooters have proven to have demerits of its kind, they are just substantial and not fatal; hence the users have found a way and learned how to live and work with these disadvantages. For maximum service of the electric scooters, their batteries have to be replaced regularly and taken good care of by neither overusing it nor under-using it. This mode of transport is mostly for personal benefit rather than the public, as is usually the case in standard bikes.

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