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Instagram Is The New Social Media Superstar For Your Business in 2020

Instagram recently overtook Twitter in the number of active monthly users. Today, there are over one billion active users on Instagram every month. Ever since its inception, Instagram has been making sincere efforts to make its platform extremely user-friendly for everyone. Gradually, new features became popular and loved. This helped Instagram climb up the popularity charts fast. It has appealed a lot to business users and has introduced several new features for them as well. Interestingly, Instagram has taken all the best features from different social media platforms and has incorporated it in their application. This makes it take over the others and shine apart from the rest with success!

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Inspired by the finest features of Facebook 

Instagram has been inspired by Facebook and incorporated some of its finest features, especially when it comes to the creation of business accounts. Like Facebook, Instagram has its own analytical tools to help users know which of their posts are doing well. They can get accurate insights into the number of likes, shares and comments. They can plan their posting strategy accordingly and make welcome shifts to boost customer engagement and visibility. Customers are happy with the quality of your posts as with the help of demographics; you effectively can grab the attention of the right targeted audience when it comes to selling them products and services. In this way, you can smartly plan all your posts for the day, week and month to enjoy better engagement and conversion rates.

Instagram Is The New Social Media Superstar
Instagram has been inspired by Facebook and incorporated some of its finest features. Pixabay

Ability to convert your personal account into a business account 

If you already have a personal account on Instagram, you can easily convert it into a business account. Here, you get the advantages of a contact button where present and potential customers can contact you as and when needed. You also get added features like directions to your business and a spot where your e-mail address is featured. Advertising on Instagram is an opportunity you should never miss when it comes to the promotion and marketing of your business. This feature is a new addition to the platform and gives you direct access to a fresh audience. Businesses that advertise on Facebook can now advertise on Instagram with improved results. You can blend sponsored stories on Instagram in your business profile. You can see them in the home feeds and get the same look and feel of the organic posts from someone you follow.

Advertising on Instagram has produced outstanding results for most businesses 

Businesses who added the advertising feature of Instagram to their Facebook advertisement campaigns have experienced outstanding results. In fact, some businesses have also reported they received double the leads and conversions they had before advertising on Instagram. This is good news for all business owners. They are able to get free Instagram likes and better visibility with it. It has been reported that on average, Instagram ads have collected approximately 4 times the number of likes as their adjoining advertisements on Facebook. The amount of money and the volume of impressions are the same on both these social media platforms. However, most business owners have claimed that engaging and absorbing a customer on Instagram is simpler on Instagram.

Hashtags help you to reach out to those people who are not following you 

This is true. With the right hashtags, you are able to connect and reach out to people who are not following you. You should use relevant hashtags for your post. Note, Instagram incorporated hashtags in its platform after being inspired by Twitter. Businesses are able to get more likes and followers when they include hashtags for their posts on Instagram.

Extending video options for users 

Instagram probably understood the woes of business owners who could not advertise what they wanted to in just a 15 seconds video. Instagram extended the duration of their videos to 1 minute along with some amazing options for flexibility. Now, users can change the video settings, disable the sound and add filters when they are recording live videos. They can choose a good thumbnail image for their videos as well. This is inevitably an excellent way for users to capitalize on the Facebook Live feature and shift to Instagram. You today have the option to download the video that you have created on Facebook Live to your phone and crop the best 60 seconds of it. This new video can later be uploaded to Instagram with the relevant hashtags. You can upload interactive videos about your business and grab the attention of your customers quickly!

Instagram Is The New Social Media Superstar
Snapchat made a grand entry into the social media arena, and Instagram took a cue from it and created Instagram Stories. Pixabay

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Taking a cue from Snapchat

Snapchat made a grand entry into the social media arena, and Instagram took a cue from it and created Instagram Stories- a fantastic feature where you can upload pictures and videos without adding them to your business or personal profile. You can highlight some significant moments of your day, giving a sneak peek to your followers about your business. You can also add some behind the scene videos on how pastries are made in your bakery store. Like Snapchat, these Stories disappear after 24 hours, and this is a great way for you to reduce the content you post on your Instagram profile. Your followers cannot comment or share your Instagram Story, and this is one disadvantage of it.

Therefore, from the above, Instagram proves to be the best social media platform for your business. It has taken all the good features from all social media platforms and incorporated them into a single application. It was fun and flexible tools for you to get creative and reach out to your targeted audience in more ways than one. If you are new to Instagram and its platform, it is prudent for you to start exploring it. Get used to the features and use them in innovative ways to engage your targeted audience. You effectively can connect and reach out to them better than others. Create posts that are relevant and use the correct hashtags to boost the online presence of your business to a larger targeted customer base across the world now!

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