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4 Things To Do If You Have A Crush On Someone

Having a crush is one thing but knowing what to do to gain your crush’s attention is another. The fact that most of us don’t know what to do when we have a crush is one of the reasons why they never lead to anything.

There could be a number of factors responsible for not being able to catch your crush’s attention but these tips below can help in changing that narrative especially if they like you back.

Don’t be shy to slide into the DMs

If your crush is someone you know online or you are simply too shy to face them physically, you can always rely on social media. From a corny joke to a witty saying, you can start a rapport with your crush and develop something

Play the role of the secret admirer

You are already a secret admirer so why not take on the role? If your crush happens to be the romantic type from observation, you can decide to play into this role. Every romantic likes a secret admirer so do things like leaving them sweet messages when they aren’t looking. The occasional gifts, letters or romantic gestures set the pace for where you are heading.

Maintain eye contact

Don’t look away quickly if you and your crush happen to pass by each other. Maintain eye contact with your crush from across the room until they break and ask you what exactly it is you want. Ensure you aren’t creepy with this though because staring unnecessarily can be considered ill-mannered.

Build up your courage

Instead of lurking in your fantasies of what could be, you could simply work up your courage and talk to them. At least with this, you will know if you stand a chance with them or not.

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