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In the absence of E3, the game events never really stop. Next up on the docket is a major series of events for Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red’s delayed RPG epic, a sprawling open world adventure that, so far, makes even the gigantic Witcher 3 seem a little quaint. The series is called Night City Wire, giving us a deep dive into the upcoming game. The first one is tomorrow, June 25:

If you don’t want to type that time into Google, don’t worry: I’ve done it for you. The show will start at 12:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific. You can watch on CD Projekt Red’s Twitch Channel, linked above.

We’ve already seen a fair amount of this game, but every demo or trailer I’ve seen so far really just seems to indicate that there’s a whole lot more coming. The game has always looked strikingly ambitious, and I’m eager to see how more of these interlocking systems interact with each other. If I had to guess, based on that tweet above, I’d say that we’re going to get a stronger focus on the city itself in this first episode, but that’s really just a guess.

Also tomorrow, expect a bunch of hands-on impressions from journalists with some early access. CD Projekt Red certainly isn’t worried about overexposure on this one, nor should they be, really. This is one of the highest profile launches this year, and so far more information has really only meant more hype.

So tune into tomorrow to see what’s what. Cyberpunk 2077 is currently slated for release on November 19, 2020, which one gets the feeling turns it into something of a launch title for PS5 and/or Xbox Series X, both expected to release around that time. Anyone who buys on the current gen will get a free upgrade to the next-gen, if they so choose.

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