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Three Ways To Help Your Company Weather Uncertainty

CEO of Catalyst Connect, a Premium Zoho Partner.

Business leaders everywhere can attest to the increasing difficulty of ensuring that their team members remain on the same page as their company grows. When each department has its own set of goals and concerns, keeping everyone moving in the same direction is no small feat. That’s why my team decided to kick off the new decade by integrating the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) into our company’s core processes. Here’s how you can use EOS’s guiding principles to help you maintain your company’s edge, even in an unprecedented crisis.

1. Transparency

A key component of the EOS framework is transparency. By implementing transparency at your company, you will empower your colleagues to vocalize their key issues and concerns. Change won’t happen if employees don’t feel comfortable speaking up. In all likelihood, your team will have to continue relying on remote work at least to some extent for the foreseeable future. This means that maintaining open communication is more important than ever. By encouraging each other to speak honestly and seek solutions together, your team can remain a cohesive unit even when physically apart. 

2. CRM Software

Like many businesses at this time, your company has probably become increasingly dependent on technology to keep business running as usual. That being said, it’s important to remember that not all technology stacks are created equal. In addition to strong telephony and videoconferencing systems, you should consider prioritizing a robust customer relationship management (CRM) software system within your tech stack. A CRM will provide each of your employees with windows into their peers’ workloads and deadlines. These key bits of information can keep you up to speed on each employee’s projects and client work so that you can offer the right support where needed. A CRM can also provide you with a quick list of potential clients to reestablish relationships with, as well as insights on effective cross-selling. But these insights relate to much more than simply upselling your customers.

3. Quarterly Goals

Another EOS principle that has helped our company stay on track is to clearly define quarterly priorities, thus holding us accountable for actually hitting our predefined targets. At a time when strategy is of the utmost importance, frequent goals can play a crucial role in helping your company break down larger objectives into manageable subgoals. A CRM will provide the technological toolkit to chip away at those goals each day. 

A good CRM in combination with the principles of the EOS framework could prevent your company from falling prey to overwhelm in an uncertain time. Your CRM’s tools can help keep you focused on the tasks at hand, from daily client deliverables to product R&D. By letting your digital tools do the heavy lifting, you can stop using traditional to-do lists that only serve to create additional confusion. 

Our company’s mission to make EOS principles an integral part of the business is an ongoing project that will continue to grow and evolve as we do. A concerted effort to implement its core tenets of transparency, realistic goal-setting and collaborative problem-solving could have a big impact on your business processes over the long run. It will allow your business to remain flexible to the many ways that your long-term vision could take shape. Backing up these important values with a digital support system like a CRM can keep your company heading in a healthy direction. 

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