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New Cover Athlete Info Revealed In TikTok Video [WATCH]

On Wednesday, NBA 2K launched its TikTok channel, and it used its newest social media presence as a platform to tease the unveiling of the dates for the release of their cover athletes for the upcoming NBA 2K21.

Here’s a look at the TikTok video featuring last year’s Standard Edition cover athlete, and current Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis:

The Tik Tok

Does This Mean There are Now Three Different Cover Athletes?

Possibly, but I’m not so sure that will be the case. The three reveal dates certainly make it appear there will be, but we never see that mentioned in the TikTok video. I predicted weeks ago two of the cover athletes would be the New Orleans Pelicans rookie sensation Zion Williamson, and late Lakers Hall-of-Famer Kobe Bryant.

With a third cover athlete now coming down the pike, there is room for speculation about who or what will occupy that space.

Favorites for the Third Cover Athlete Spot

With the success of The Last Dance over this COVID-19 impacted spring and summer, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Michael Jordan return as a solo cover, or as a part of a ensemble cover that either includes him and members of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls squad, or perhaps something that has His Airness with Bryant.

In either case, that cover would likely be a commercial success because of the current relevancy across the hoops landscape. There is also a possibility, 2K could do an MVP edition that features the player awarded the league’s highest individual honor.

2K has never had a cover athlete chosen based purely on their achievement of a regular-season honor. It might create some intrigue leading up to the announcement of the league MVP.

Lastly, there could be a more established superstar set to be the third cover athlete. While Williamson is a cash cow with enormous popularity, he would be the least-accomplished cover athlete in NBA 2K history, and it’s possible the brand will also want someone who has done more in the NBA to represent the game on one of the covers.

That leaves open the possibility of it being the Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons, Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard, Los Angeles Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard, or even the Houston Rockets’ James Harden.

We’ll find out for sure next week.

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