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Putting Huawei on the Entity List may have stopped it from licensing critical US technology, but Huawei is seeking to earn revenue in other ways. Huawei filed patent infringement claims against Verizon and also for products Verizon acquires from other US companies such as Cisco and Hewlett-Packard; and Huawei is demanding royalty payments for hundreds […]
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Illustration of generating artificial lightning in Nikola Tesla’s laboratory. Tesla, the technology … [+] company, should implement the Bitcoin Lightning Network as the primary payment rail for its Robotaxi autonomous fleet. Bettmann Archive Ever since Tesla TSLA announced its plan for an autonomous “Robotaxi” ride-sharing network in April 2019, the company propelled itself beyond just […]
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The network is saving us during Covid. Getty The network that enables the digital world is its backbone. While most humanmade systems around the world were failing during the coronavirus, digital business systems have been delivering us through it.   The network is the unsung hero of the digital present and our future. It’s the network […]