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Putting Huawei on the Entity List may have stopped it from licensing critical US technology, but Huawei is seeking to earn revenue in other ways. Huawei filed patent infringement claims against Verizon and also for products Verizon acquires from other US companies such as Cisco and Hewlett-Packard; and Huawei is demanding royalty payments for hundreds […]
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Earlier this year, amidst the chaos created by the rampant spread of coronavirus throughout the world, many countries also started to experience financial turmoil, potentially due to strict economic shutdowns. To add insult to injury, April presented a new conundrum for many countries: oil prices plummeted to historic lows, falling into negative territory for the […]
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American President with a face mask against CoV infection. 100 dollar banknote. Coronavirus in … [+] United States. Concept quarantine and recession. Global economy hit by corona virus outbreak and pandemic Getty Equity and bitcoin market’s upward trajectories have stalled recently, which has been tied to uncertainty surrounding the economic ramifications of a second wave […]