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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting initiatives continue to accelerate, with billions of dollars of investments announced on an ongoing basis. That said, ESG reporting is not without its challenges; blockchain has the potential to help tackle several headwinds keeping ESG from having the impact it otherwise should. NurPhoto via Getty Images A common example […]
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By: Jessie Mehrhoff Industrial scale photovoltaic solar field installation in Rosamond, Kern County, California. Getty Engaging the residential customer segment is a critical step in California’s efforts to double its clean energy output by 2030. In June, battery and energy service provider Sunrun RUN  announced a partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE) to launch a residential […]
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I founded Linden Law Partners, LLC, a boutique business law firm focused on M&A, private equity and executive comp. Getty The recently filed Oliver Luck v. Vince McMahon lawsuit is a high-profile case between nationally known businessmen (particularly McMahon), but there are everyday takeaways that can serve any company or executive well when negotiating high-stakes employment […]