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Researchers have found that sleeping problems in early childhood may be linked to the development of certain mental health disorders in adolescence. The study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, found that young children who routinely woke up frequently during the night and experienced irregular sleep routines were associated with psychotic experiences as adolescents. The […]
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The life on, above and under water has long captivated Jana Winderen. Delving into the hidden depths to uncover the complexity and mystery of the invisible world beneath, reaching places and creatures that are hard to access, the 55-year-old Norwegian artist brings the audio topography and richness of the oceans to the surface. As fish, crustaceans, […]
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Blockchain is the future of financial reporting, but several issues stand in the way of wider utilization and adoption. Getty A large part of the blockchain and cryptoasset conversation, at least in accounting and financial reporting circles, has been how blockchain is going to influence and change the reporting and disclosure process. Conferences, podcasts, and […]