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WWE 2K Battlegrounds Tease Mythical Character

Beyond the release season and the general nature of the game, we don’t know a lot about WWE 2K Battlegrounds. However, 2K dropped an interesting tease on social media on Friday.

Some sort of mythical beast that resembles a goat, but could be something else was shown in the tweet below.

The beast is wearing a wrestling mask, a chain with a lock on it, and something that looks like a dog collar.

It looks to be inside a fighting arena as well, so there’s a chance it’s a playable character as well.

We saw in the initial reveal trailer Battlegrounds is going to be an over-the-top wrestling/fighting, arcade title. There’s an alligator outside of one ring, and it’s possible this goat will be used similarly in another environment.

Here is a look at the initial trailer in case you missed it.

The more unconventional concepts this game introduces, the more excited I am about playing it.

The WWE 2K brand is in need of a departure from its simulation roots, and in creating this franchise, it is attempting to capitalize on the charm of past WWE games like WWE All-Stars, and even former fighting titles like Def Jam: Fight for NY, Icon and Vendetta.

Popular WWE 2K YouTuber Macho T wondered aloud if this was some alternate version of El Torito.

It would seemingly make sense, and could open the door for a pretty awesome alternate character set for several WWE superstars. What if The Rock had an alternate character who was a Brahma Bull, and Steve Austin’s alternate was a Rattlesnake.

As you can tell, it seems almost nothing is out of bounds with this increasingly intriguing title due out this fall.

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