Will 2019 Be The End Of Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing in 2019 – is this reason going to spell the end to the affiliate marketing industry for good? Go here after the video: http://tubetycoon.com/go

35 comments on “Will 2019 Be The End Of Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Great info!! Let’s go get that money making good stuff! For anyone reading that doesn’t have Tube Tycoon – I would suggest it! It’s legit and you can connect with Dan Directly in a private FAcebook Group!!! Thanks Deadbeat Dan!!

  2. Hello Dan, I believe everything you say, but how come I am getting no where with my channel, by making videos teaching Linux command? I also have a course on udemy that is not making me money? Thanks. I am not encouraged. I bought your program, deadbeat university.

  3. Affiliate marketing is far from dead, but it's getting harder and harder and the people that think the tactics that worked 2 years ago is still working today will be shocked of how little success and results they will see in 2019. Great isn't good enough anymore. This is not a bad thing though. because the ones that understand and actually has opened their eyes will be leaving with the most money

  4. Hi dan i just have one only question i couldn't find an answer for it :
    How to make a review video for product you don't own ??
    Please answer me if yhere is a way to do it

  5. Love this message Dan! Really appreciate the paper-clip/pc/weight lifting comparison to affiliate marketing. On top of what you mentioned as well, advertising costs are increasing year on year, as more people are coming online, advertising. So basically, people may begin to pay more for traffic than what they are earning back from it, especially if they are not currently able to earn money off of higher priced products. I guess that all goes back to what you are saying about the 'golden era' – the setup of an online business back in the day, is different to how one needs to be setup in today's economy. Affiliate marketing is dead……but only as we know it! Thanks so much Dan – James 👊

  6. THink you may need to change your shaving cream and maybe not cut so close to the skin, its irritating your face bro

  7. Dan do you know of any money making program that pay's PayPal money that someone with zero dollars can do from any part of the world

  8. The SEO model of building affiliate sites is already dead. The serps have been taken over by massive companies and their sister satellite sites. Like all the crap you see at the store, there is only the illusion of multiple brands and companies. The future is personal branding and putting a face to your content through video. That's the competitive edge smaller affiliates will have against the giant corporations dominating the serps. Affiliates MUST learn to be on video and make their content personal

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