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Why Should Online Casinos Be Legal in India? Find Out

With over $60 billion in global revenue in 2019, online casinos are undoubtedly extremely popular around the world. Millions of people enjoy their games daily as they try their luck to win a prize. There are many reasons as to why players started favoring them over the land-based casinos. They have better payout percentages, more games, more rewards, they are extremely safe to play at, players are anonymous, etc.

Unfortunately, because they are still fairly new to the scene, some countries have no specific laws about online casinos, which is why they are considered illegal. India is one of those countries, but in India, online gambling falls under the law’s grey area. We decided to dive a bit deeper into this topic and name a site where you can enjoy casino games to the fullest, explain why they should be legal, but also give some details on their current status.

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Why Should Casino Sites be Legal?

The reason why online casinos should be legal is that they have the potential to be huge contributors to India’s economy. As you may know, online casinos pay a lot of money in taxes and employ thousands of people. These two factors combined can have a massive positive impact. By making them legal, India would be among the few countries that have a law system that allows online gambling, and that could attract a lot of investments and capital into the country.

Online casinos
Online casinos are undoubtedly extremely popular around the world where millions of people enjoy their games daily.

Another reason is that due to the reason of gambling being illegal, while Indian people love to gamble, unfortunately, there are many scammy or illegitimate casinos. Not all online casinos are legitimate, some fake sites are designed to rob people. Luckily, there are ways to distinguish real and fake sites.

The Current Status

The current legal status in India for both land-based and online gambling is extremely complicated. Land-based gambling is forbidden in all of India’s provinces, except Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. The Public Gambling Act regulates these laws. Online casinos, on the other hand, fall under the grey area of the law. 

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Online casinos based in India are forbidden to operate and people are not allowed to gamble online, but offshore companies can offer their services to Indian people. Players use the technology to their advantage and use VPNs to mask their location and gain access to the casino sites. People love to play online casino games so much that India became one of the most sought out markets for online casinos.

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These days, there’s a lot of critique towards the government since this activity is illegal. Some experts believe that status is what allows crimes like money laundering and corruption to be constantly on the rise. Instead of allowing them to operate, pay taxes, and employ people, the restrictions motivate many people to participate in illegal gambling activities. 

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