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Who Are The Winners And Losers From Apple’s WWDC 2020 Announcement?

An unusual WWDC Keynote this year because of the coronavirus pandemic didn’t stop the rumour mill getting most of the predictions correct; updates for everything iOS, new chips and . There were also a few surprises too, but who are the winners and losers from today’s jumbo news fest?

Firstly, the big stuff:

  • iOS 14 – lots of new features that Android have been doing for years all designed to get you to use your apps more and stay within the Apple ecosystem.
  • Updated Siri experience to help the 25 billion requests a month happen smoother.
  • App Store – App Clips – a small part of an app that’s easy to get going and designed for speed without credit cards.
  • Big Sur, Mac’s new OS, got a big redesign.
  • New chips – Apple Silicon – no more Intel, just superfast computers.

There are now Apple-produced ARM-based processors for the Mac.

For other announcements check Apple’s Press Room.


  • Widget creators – There’s a lot more options now – update and create time!
  • Apple – All of these further give Apple a tighter grip along the end-to-end user journey using NFC and QR codes, sign-in or app clip code.
  • Retailers – Thanks to App Clips they’ll get more data to use from customers.
  • Turo (Airbnb for cars) will love Apples new keyless direction.
  • Soap companies – Apple is going to help people wash their hands the appropriate amount of time and shame you if you don’t wash them enough!
  • Smart Device makers – Interoperability means more people can and will use simple-to-use devices.
  • Sci-fi enthusiasts – Apple TV+ will have new content from Isaac Asimov (’Foundations’) which looks stunning.
  • Facial recognition privacy groups – Apple is taking it seriously and kudos to them for handling it considering the current climate.
  • Email ‘Mail’ haters – You’ll now be able to change your default email app preferences.


  • Intel/Chip makers – Apple is making its own now – a huge shift.
  • Google – Apple is making more search functionality natively (i.e. via Safari).
  • Password managers – Apple is doing more of this on device.
  • Data sucking apps – Apple is forcing developers to be more transparent with what they are sucking from users.
  • WhatsApp/Telegraph/Signal – Apple is coming for Facebook’s darling app and pals with various features and new group functionality; in-line replies, threading, mentions.
  • Lux headphone manufacturers – Apple Airpod’s ‘Spatial Audio’ will spook them.
  • Sleep apps and trackers – Apple is now taking a much more active role in helping you get good nuh-nighs. Good luck with that battery life.
  • QR code generators – Apple just created a competitor with a billon users.
  • Travel Guides – Apple is building this into Maps.
  • Cycle/Route apps – Apple is building this right into the Maps app.
  • Electric car charging apps – Apple is building this into Maps app.
  • Car key manufacturers – Apple is allowing people to unlock their car with their phone.
  • Translation apps – Apple just announced a new app called ‘Translate’ that will make all these app useless in a matter of months as it is direct on the iPhone.
  • Text recognition apps – With ‘Scribble’, Apple is building text recognition directly into apps.

A busy, well-received, Keynote and a strange time for Apple with Developer conflicts, massive iPhone leaks, store closures, new patents for AR glasses and a political landscape that could see public opinion shift wildly thanks to stances the company is taking. All in all, not your usual WWDC from Apple.

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