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What Is Brime, The Latest Streaming Conspiracy Involving Ninja, Shroud And Doc?

In the wake of Dr Disrespect’s cryptic tweet last night saying that even he doesn’t know the “specific reason” why Twitch has banned him, speculation has run wild to the point where there’s at least one conspiracy that I think is worth addressing.

And probably debunking.

While many theories about what’s going on with Dr Disrespect involve potential legal trouble that neither he nor Twitch can talk about, there’s a very out-there idea that was recently elevated into the mainstream by Keemstar, spread to his large following.

All of this seems to stem from an anonymous 4chan post that says a whole lot of wild things.

In summary, the idea here is that Doc, along with Ninja and Shroud, the two of them recently departed from Mixer, are going to start their own streaming service backed by Spotify. Dr Disrespect approached creators about the service, Twitch found out, banned him and are now bringing action against him. No one can talk about any of this due to NDAs.

This was elevated by Keemstar to a new level where he featured a Twitter account called @WatchBrime, which is reportedly a new streaming service that will start answering questions about its operations tomorrow on Monday. The account appears to have been created within this past week. The only person tweeting about Brime before this appears to be an ex-Mixer person.

The “evidence” cited here is that Brime is following Shroud, Ninja and Dr Disrespect, and only 15 people total, but that also includes the likes of Ewok (who just left Mixer) and DrLupo (who just re-signed with Twitch). There’s also a “prepare for the 29th” image on Doc’s stream, implying some sort of announcement.

Okay, let’s go through this “theory,” though it’s kind of generous to call it that.

First of all, Spotify is owned by Google. Google runs YouTube Gaming. Why would Google want to create a rival game streaming service within one of its other properties?

Second of all, if Doc was going around attempting to poach streamers from Twitch, someone would have spoken up about that by now other than some anonymous 4chan person. The fact that no one is talking about the reason Doc is banned implies something more serious than this, and we would not see this kind of silence around simple contract breach issues.

Third of all, while Ninja and Shroud have not announced where they are heading yet, and likely had more of a heads up about Mixer’s closing than everyone else, it would be a huge stretch to imagine they would get involved with a brand new streaming site after what just happened with Mixer, and that seems like it would be a totally boneheaded play unless Google was literally staking them like $50 million each.

Fourth of all, Doc just signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with Twitch in March 2020. Say what you will about Doc, but it does not seem any kind of logical you would jeopardize that by suddenly going off the reservation, breaking your deal to sign with some brand new service and trying to steal other streamers on your way out.

Fifth of all, Brime is a terrible name. Brime.com is still for sale (for $50,000), and that Twitter account was just created this month. WatchBrime.com is parked and owned by a domain wholesaler site. It seems unlikely Brime could shell out millions for high profile streamers and not even buy their own damn domain name ahead of their official reveal. Whether Brime is a real streaming service or not I can’t say for sure. I can also not rule out that given that it’s literally just a Twitter account right now, it could be a 4chan troll that duped the likes of Keemstar and others. Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow.

Anything is possible in the wildness of 2020, and yet there is so much about the idea that “Brime” has landed Ninja, Shroud and Doc and that’s the reason for Disrespect’s ban that doesn’t make sense, I have a hard time taking this seriously. We’ll find out more tomorrow, perhaps, but I would not be surprised to see none of this pan out at all.

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