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Warlords Of New York’ Season 2 Is Bringing

The Division 2: Warlords of New York’s second season has begun, bringing with it a host of changes and new content that have been teased in a new trailer released by Ubisoft.

First up, the story has been pushed forward once more. For the first time in the series’ history, we’re now in a post-Aaron Keener world, and players will be hunting down a new cell of rogue agents in “Keener’s Legacy”. As such, the new cell provides a host of all-new targets to chase across New York, each offering their own challenges. Targets Termite, Luna, Huntsman, Titan and Hornet will all be drip-fed to players throughout the season, with Termite already being available.

It’s not just new baddies, either. A wave of new exotics, gear sets and skill variants have been introduced too. Paul did an excellent write up of these when they were announced. The Vile mask and Mantis SRS Sniper Rifle exotics, and the Eclipse Protocol gearset, are available now, while the Regulus magnum and Ravenous double-barrel rifle exotics and the Foundry Bulwark and Future Initiative gearsets will be available when the Operation: Iron Horse raid releases on June 30.

This season will also see more global events spread out over the coming weeks. Four have been confirmed, starting with the Hollywood Global Event on July 7, followed by Polarity Switch on July 28, Reanimated on August 18, and Guardians on September 8. While it’s kind of disappointing three of these are repeats of events run during the first season, Hollywood is a new one we don’t know a whole lot about yet and can expect to hear more about as we get closer to July 7.

While both are technically separate from each other, this new season was preceded very closely by Title Update 10, which aimed to fix loot drops by redistributing item power rolls more evenly, and also adjusted difficulty in various missions at the same time. With a new season and a big rebalancing, now is probably the best time in a long time to get into The Division 2.

Season Two of Warlords of New York has already begun and will run for 12 weeks. It is only available to players who own both The Division 2 and the Warlords of New York expansion.

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