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Top Selection Criteria for a Voltage Stabilizer

In our power grids, voltage fluctuation is a common phenomenon. But it also is a concerning one as it can harm sensitive electrical appliances such as refrigerator, television, and air conditioner, sometimes leaving them permanently damaged. 

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What can be done to reduce the impact of such fluctuations if you may ask? 

Well, a voltage stabilizer is the best option to solve this frequently occurring problem. It prevents electrical appliances from repeated voltage fluctuations, thereby increasing the life of the equipment. Therefore, it is essential to install a stabilizer at home. Choosing the right type of voltage stabilizer for your home can be a task due to the many options available in the market. However, there are reputed brands like Luminous that offers a wide range of stabilizers for your home and appliances based on your needs.

In a voltage stabilizer, voltage correction is done from over and under-voltage conditions by two critical operations, which are boost and buck operations.

The selection criteria for a stabilizer are mounting, time display system, indicator, digitization. Flickr

Such operations may be performed by switches by electronic circuitry, automatically. The cycle of rising voltage from under-voltage is called boost operation, while when the voltage is reduced from overvoltage condition, then it is called a buck operation. In short, the primary purpose of these operations is to ensure the connected device gets a stabilized input power. Now that you know about the working of a voltage stabilizer, it is imperative to buy a suitable one for your needs. 

Selecting the right stabilizer for the right appliance is critical. To find out which stabilizer you need to purchase, you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

1) Understand the input Voltage fluctuations – It is critical to select a stabilizer with a right operating range, which can cover the extreme low/high voltage fluctuations

2) Identify the appliances- It can be a refrigerator, Ac, television, or the entire set of home appliances. 

3) Check the following ratings for each appliance-

  • Tonnage for ACs
  • Capacity in Liters for Refrigerator
  • Screen Size in Inches for TV
  • Complete load estimate of your home for its protection

After you have found out the above ratings of your appliance, just search for the stabilizer model designed to work with your rated appliance. Here are some selection criteria that can be considered for a voltage stabilizer:

Since a stabilizer always works with power; it is crucial to ascertain that it is not exposed to the risks of getting wet. Consequently, it becomes unsafe to keep it on the ground or a low height table. Stabilizer mounting becomes essential in such a case to protect it from damages or accidental hazards.

A time-delay system is one of the latest features to look for when buying a stabilizer. Its function is to enable a time-lapse during short-circuits so that the stabilizer’s in-built compressor gets enough time to steady the current flow.

Voltage stabilizer is a must need in your house
In India, voltage fluctuations are frequent. Varied power supplies can lead to equipment damage. Flickr

The latest models of stabilizers from reputed brands like Luminous also feature LED indicators where voltage regulation for the device is displayed.

Many of the latest models of a stabilizer are digitized to make their work more accurate and efficient. Some of the latest models can also connect with a generator and adapt to utility requirements.

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Choose the Right Stabilizer

In India, voltage fluctuations are frequent. Varied power supplies can lead to equipment damage. To avoid such instances, the need for the right stabilizer increases, which has better efficiency for maintaining power output.  Voltage stabilizers by Luminous are highly efficient that help keep your appliances safe from the low or high-power supply. It ensures the safe regulation of power output for efficient working of appliances and other equipment. Their voltage stabilizers use I-start technology that prevents the mains from overloading. It also protects the equipment from repeated fluctuations and frequent power failures, ensuring a longer life of the device. 

Other than that, their microprocessor-based stabilizers are equipped with DGR and zero-crossing tech that averts voltage shocks to connected devices. They are even aesthetically pleasing since the complete range of voltage stabilizer is of milky white color along with white metal design. You can search for Luminous stabilizers online and avail better offers while choosing from an extensive selection catalog.

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