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Tombolo Just Dropped Swim Trunks, Rounding Out Their Offering Of “Escape-wear”

For Tombolo fans, you’re probably thinking it’s about time. And while the first drop is a limited offering of only five styles, Tombolo is finally a one-stop destination for warm weather ‘fits.

Tombolo’s celebrated, unisex Hawaiian shirts have had guys and gals flexing on Instagram all summer-long since inception, sported on the likes of Blake Griffin, Candice Huffine, Jimmy Fallon, and all the fashion folk in between. Though the rest of their offering can truly be his and hers, this foray into the swimwear category was constructed for guys. “Swim has loomed large in our imaginations since day one as a natural and inevitable extension for Tombolo,” Mike Sard, co-founder of Tombolo said. “Swimwear is an example of a garment for which men are very attuned to fit, so getting it just right was imperative for us.” When it comes to swimwear, guys need a sturdy fabric that performs well in the water, dries quickly out of it, and still looks appropriate if you want to venture off the beach for a negroni. Tombolo achieved exactly that, with an easy, not-too-tailored cut, coupled with its delightfully kitsch and modern flair.

“We didn’t fuss with side cinches or zipper flies because we wanted a simple, classic silhouette that could serve as a canvas for our prints,” Sard explains. “We also wanted to ensure we selected materials consistent with our standards for sustainability, and we landed upon a fabric made from recycled plastic that is woven to dry quickly. There is also a bit of elastic in the fabric for added comfort, and we even made sure the netting has stretch too. If all goes according to plan, our customers should feel like they’re wearing nothing at all!”

Staying true to their whimsy and nostalgic designs, Tombolo’s first drop includes three prints in collaboration with artists like Milou Neelen, Miranda Boucher, and Nick Liefhebber: a scene of ancient Greek bacchanalia splashed across an olympian-blue trunk, a painterly under-the-sea design in pastel hues, and a psychedelic composition of florals and fauna. Most of the trunks were designed to pair with new Cabana shirts, which the brand started to tease on social media last month and quickly stirred up a frenzy from astute fans. Ranging from $88-98, you’ll have to grab your favorite pair quickly before they sell out.

The collection also includes solid black and white options serving as simple, minimalist staples. Tombolo’s co-founders are particularly proud of the white trunk, which they successfully engineered to be opaque — Sard admits this was no easy feat. “There’s a reason you don’t see many white swim trunks sold for men, and that reason is a combination of modesty and public indecency laws,” Sard jokes. “Our white trunks are a clean complement to a colorful shirt and stay appropriately modest even when wet.”

Alas, you may not be able to plan faraway, coastal travels anytime soon, but these swim trunks will have you looking good for your local aquatic adventures with designs that still grab attention a safe six-feet away.

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