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The Curious Case Of Dr Disrespect

The Twitch community is in uproar after one of the sites most popular personalities, Guy Beahm, AKA “Dr Disrespect,” was mysteriously banned from Twitch.

The length of, and reasoning behind the ban was not initially disclosed, although, according to independent esports journalist Rod Breslau, Beahm’s ban is permanent and unrelated to recent Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedowns for use of copyrighted music on Twitch. 

The ban marks a dramatic reversal of fortune for the streamer, as Twitch recently signed Beahm to a lucrative exclusivity deal, for an undisclosed, but “life-changing” amount of money. Now, Twitch is hastily severing all connections with the streamer.  

Recently, the streaming world has been rocked by allegations of sexual assault and abuse, Twitch having banned several streamers accused of misconduct. The reason for Beahm’s ban, however, remains unknown, and Twitch’s “clarification” statement is incredibly vague. 

Curious fans have resorted to scanning Beahm’s final stream for clues, specifically the last 8 minutes, in which he behaves increasingly erratically after checking his phone. 

Beahm’s playful demeanour quickly changes after glancing at his phone screen. After a slight pause, Beahm randomly starts to discuss unhinged conspiracy theorist David Icke, a man who unironically believes that an inter-dimensional race of reptilians, known as “the Archons,” have taken over our planet. 

Whether this sudden interest in Icke has anything to do with Beahm’s Twitch ban is incredibly unlikely, but the bizarre rant, along with Beahm’s dramatic shift in tone, adds to the melodramatic mystery of the streamer’s sudden disappearance from Twitch. (Not to mention, anyone taking Icke’s fertile imagination seriously isn’t likely to be in a good state of mind). 

The final few seconds of the stream seem to confirm that Beahm understands that something serious and life-altering has just happened, as the streamer states:

“We’ll … we’ll get through this champions. Life’s weird right now … we’ll get through this, okay? And uh … f**k.”

The mystery deepens. Whatever happened here is, clearly, much more serious than a copyright violation – we’re all waiting to find out more details.

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