The #1 Thing They Didn't Teach Us About Success (Dealing With Envy)…

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If you want to start a successful online business, and stay successful, you must master envy. They didn’t teach us in school about this destructive force, and if you can’t master this, you will continue to fail in life and business.

38 comments on “The #1 Thing They Didn't Teach Us About Success (Dealing With Envy)…

  1. After reading the whole bible, I don't want to have envy anymore. I just want to improve and help others. At the past I was envious of others but I ignore it and stick with my own thing.

  2. Dan it's great that you brought this subject up, something that we all should be aware of.
    It sounds like Narcissistic behaviour! There's plenty of those People around. One of my favourite expressions is, "sometimes you have to do some weeding in the garden of friendship". ))

  3. Jeez, Dan. I'm so sorry. Sounds like you met the ultimate Narcissist who is willing to kill. Take cover and protect yourself with your own suggestions. EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS TRUE. I've been playing those mind games for YEARS in order to minimize my vulnerability. My mother was my first example and a girlfriend who stole every one of my boyfriends in junior high. This is why I now only deal with like-minded people. KEEP SHINING Dan! You always give WAY more than you take. Thanks for the truth!

  4. Hey Dan, do you still offer your Deadbeat Affiliate Program? Or are you only do the TubeTycoon program now?
    Thanks for all of the quality free content you've been putting out through the years! I've learned a lot.

  5. You are completely right. We got to remember that a lot of the behaviors that you mentioned are programed into use by society and my or may not be natural as in what the creator would consider natural from birth.

  6. "Envy is a destructive character flaw resulting from laziness (and from the voluntary choice to default on using one's own mind to live by). The envier must parasitically depend on the minds and efforts of others to survive. Envy comes from within the self-made character core of a person and not from the environment. Envious people are responsible for their own errors, defaults and self-caused envy."
    "Don't confuse envy with jealousy." Credit to Wallace

  7. This is some deep ass wisdom. Definitely appreciate it. Please make more videos like this about human mentality/behavior. This is awesome content

  8. I’ve seen many of your videos, and have lots of great takeaways. I’d say most of those videos are things that I may or may not remember. But I feel like the things you said in this video will stay with me for a long time, things I’ll ponder and won’t easily forget. Thank you for posting!! It makes me consider who I allow to know my successes.

  9. I'm sorry to hear you have had to go through this, Dan. Luckily (or unluckily) I've never been at a level of success that people envy me and I can't recall whether or not, I ever felt envy towards someone. I'd like to believe that if I did, I would channel my envious energy into something constructive for myself, only. Thanks for the warning.

  10. this is like –surviving Elvin and it has some of his propaganda in it. it is like a book i read of surviving Hitler. this is weird. oh thanks for telling me how to survive how i have been under attack for so long. (sarcastic) why the fuck do so many successful people demand that I not be successful and why do you not want to share in that and why do you not want the credit?

  11. i am still being confronted with 'fed influence' either from them or from the 'not-them'. my life story is real and lived out. no apologies.

  12. i have refused Elvin's agenda, i got beat down onto my knees but not physically so don't yap in ways thinking you know everything because i had 2 kids in custody at the time the shtf then.

  13. know what else is wrong–so and so bought clickbank product and then goes around saying or implying they are them. fucking copy-cat phoney bullshit with pure no integrity

  14. "… anonymity is a mutant's first defense against the world's hostility … " – Charles Xavier

    You said you like Superman. All the pieces now fall into place. Your red robe is your "red cape". Deadbeat 'SUPER' affiliate is your alter ego; while Daniel Brock is your true identity.

    Superman. Clark Kent.

    Very clever, Dan. Very clever.

  15. Man, this video is sad but very true for the most part 🙁
    I encontered many people like that, including my own family, "friends" and colleagues that are very envious but I would not say that all people in the world want to destroy you or put you down. I believe most people to some extent, but definitely not all people.
    I am happy when somebody is doing well; instead of envy I ask God to be in a good position in the future 🙂

  16. Make your house ordinary on the outside, but a gem on the inside… that is goood. I’m loving that!! Thank you for the vid!! Love it 🙌

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