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ARRAY and Participant developed a social impact learning guide, which includes episodic recaps of … [+] When They See Us, outlines key themes from the series and provides resources to further explore systemic injustice and identify ways to take action. Participant Media Array, the multi-platform media company and arts collective of filmmaker Ava DuVernay has […]
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Christiansborg, or Borgen (The Castle) is the setting for the smash hit Danish drama about Denmark’s … [+] first female prime minister. Getty Netflix has become so big that it needs to invest in local markets to maintain growth and market share. It just inked a deal with Danish Radio (DR), Denmark’s public broadcaster to […]
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Frank and his father William. Netflix  Season 3 of F Is For Family ended on an interesting cliffhanger, as Frank’s abusive father, William, the source of Frank’s famously short fuse, finally arrived at the Murphy household. Season 4 explores the difficult, complex relationship between the two men, showing how the psychological wounds of childhood will […]