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Founder of Mr & Mrs Smith, James Lohan, says hotels are getting creative during the pandemic Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith Sexy, boutique and high-end hotels are central to the business of James Lohan. But the British entrepreneur, who co-founded the renowned hotel collection and travel club Mr & Mrs Smith with his wife […]
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The power of digital: well understood, but lagging. Photo: ISABEL INFANTES/AFP AFP via Getty Images Next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence are working well as proofs of concept and small-scale, highly focused applications such as chatbots or predictive analytics. Now, it’s time to scale these technologies to the point where they can move the enterprise […]
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Ohio’s Tribute monument to Carroll’s Brigade on East Cemetery Hill Getty This summer, due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are looking to spend time outdoors on their vacation. Gettysburg Pennsylvania is a great driving destination, and the many outdoor activities take place in wide-open space, so there is built-in social distancing. Here, what you need […]