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Lattice Semiconductor Certus-NX Lattice Semiconductor I have written extensively about Lattice’s FPGAs including the CrossLinkPlus and MachXO3D FPGAs, and how the company has reinvented itself and is positioning itself as the leader in low power FPGAs. Because of the flexibility of FPGAs in general, they tend to be capable of addressing many different markets simultaneously, […]
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Of the many cascading consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, one is the deepening digital divide between those who can readily pay for and access the Internet, and those who can’t. With Americans sheltering in place and working from home, households that have immediate access to the World Wide Web have an obvious advantage: they can […]
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There once was a time when everything Detroit needed to lead American industry could be found inside a car factory and a music studio. Ford was born in Detroit in 1903, attracting General Motors, Chrysler and more, filling America’s nascent highway system with millions of gas-guzzling, economy driving cars and trucks, the steel and rubber […]