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Sticky Glue And Devambez Luxury Rolling Papers Perfect Combination

This was the pitch that I received today in the mail. “We are a small start up team and we just launched so your support really means everything to us! If you like this product it would be awesome if you could tell at least one friend (ha!) about us or share our instagram @stickyglue.co.

Sure, I’ll share your instagram and your passion…

What is the best way to discover if you like a product or service? I always say try it out. Over the past few months I’ve really struggled with the gentle art of rolling cannabis joints. You would think with all the time I have to figure out this craft, that by now I’d be quite the expert. Well friends I’m sorry to report that my cognitive skills have greatly diminished in this regard. While I can describe in often vivid terms the kind of perfectly rolled joint I always wanted to know how to roll, what I often finish with is juvenile at best.

That’s where Devambez came in. This French company that specializes in ultra-high luxury rolling papers made from the finest certified biologique cultivated materials and certified vegan, if that is important to you. But where was this going? They make the finest rolling papers I’ve ever come across, nerd level stuff, handsomely packaged with a grosgrain ribbon that holds the package closed, lovely tips (I still can’t figure out how to work them…) and emblazoned with their logo on the flap. Gorgeous.

But I’ve been struggling with closing the sloppily hand-rolled joints that I can’t seem to roll. Until today when I received a tiny package that said try me. Twisting up a small joint, I discovered that the reason why my joints were a failure was because the glue at the end needed to be licked with my tongue. In the age of viruses that are quite deadly, the last thing I want to do is smoke a joint with saliva on it.

That is where “Sticky Glue” comes in.

I can sense the excitement now, finally my skills of rolling a joint are solved. It was the simple fact that I was soaking the edge of my joints in the wetness from my tongue. This product, Sticky Glue makes the gross task of licking your joint a task from the past. The other part of the Sticky Glue experience aside from the truly sticky quality of their craft produced glue, is their aroma. The glues are infused with terpenes that mimic cannabis strains. I thought this was really fun. It certainly put a smile on my face with the lovely joint rolled with Green Bodhi Genetics. Fruity, richly textured, bursting with juicy fruit gum and crushed stones, the kindness of the flowers intertwined into the lush background from the smattering of glue. It’s really incredible stuff and the aromatics add to my terpene soaked experience.

The best papers deserve the best quality glue to fully “seal the deal” just as the best papers are necessary to bind the whole party together in your hand. What a lovely way to serenade a frothing tropical storm, with a hand-held cannabis cigarette that won’t fall apart in my fingers. Thank you.

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