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Sony Set To Reveal PS5 Price And Reveal Date

Here is an inevitable truth: Sony will, at some point, have to tell us how much the PS5 costs. It can’t put this off forever. It can’t sell the PS5 in some sort of $600 loot box, where you might get a new console or you might just get a PS4 skin. No matter how long Microsoft and Sony continue to play this game of price chicken, sooner or later they’re actually going to have to sell these things. So while this is a rumor and all rumors come with grains of salt, eventually one of them is going to be true.

This comes to us via PlayStation Universe, which spotted a tweet from Italian analyst Roberto Serrano that says Sony is about to reveal the price and release date for the PS5 on July 13. The company will reveal the two crucial numbers, according to the rumor, at 12:30 AM Pacific, an exceedingly strange time for an industry that typically does things on a mostly US schedule. Again, heapings and heapings of salt. PlayStation Universe notes that Serrano has correctly predicted event dates before, but it’s a weird one.

The key play here, in the theoretical world in which this is true, is that it would allow Sony to open up pre-orders before Microsoft’s event on July 23. If stock is limited, that should be able to get people to take the plunge before they’re even able to consider whether or not to go with Xbox Series X. It wouldn’t be the worst idea, assuming Sony is able to get things together in time.

We’ll see, I guess. The current rumor is that Xbox will be waiting until August to announce the price of Series X, as well as the existence of the budget alternative Project Lockhart. Lockhart remains the wild card that we can’t really account for in all of this, but I feel confident that we’re going to be able to pre-order some next-gen consoles before the summer ends, at least. Like I said, we can’t keep putting this off forever.

So watch Sony tonight, I suppose? I’m not expecting to see anything, but you just never know.

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