Simple Websites, Even Bigger Profits! 💲💲💲 (Affiliate Marketing 2019)

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How Simple Affiliate Websites Can Make Serious Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2019.

33 comments on “Simple Websites, Even Bigger Profits! 💲💲💲 (Affiliate Marketing 2019)

  1. Great video, I got started with small sites, and some still make me money today… Having said that I have added more content to them to keep them fresh so they are no longer small… Because they are around the same niche very relevant to get traffic from Google. I wouldn't say the design is great. As for large images on homepage I use this as a lead magnet. Most traffic comes to specific articles, so when they click to the home they are browsing to learn more. Just my opinion… Thanks for this Dan

  2. I am trying to work up a sort of a template of how to structure a website for maximum effect. I think it might be a good idea perhaps in adition to looking at other winning webites as you have done here, to offer a tplate of how to structure a website that is universal to any product. sort of more of a simplified whiteboard style template that couls be used to help structure a site using tour deadbeat theme. (tile here, article here, testmonies here…. and so on. I would love to show you what I'm working on if you want.

  3. Dan, you’re on fire lately! I love it!

    One thing I used to do when I was a high school ESL teacher, I asked myself about each lesson, “Would a 1st grader understand this? Would a first grader be bored?”

    That always helped me with my lessons and now with my YouTube channel.

  4. First time I’ve ever hit the bell icon. I’ve watched for a long time, but I’m fed up finally. I’m going to do things your way. Thank you for pushing me.

  5. Yes simple make the most sense – important is to concentrate on the things you like to show/offer – small headlines and subheadlines use in form of and triangular = point to your important messages down. 👍

  6. I already did a step in the right direction by buying your website template. I love it. It is so easy that within a few years I will have 30 websites going. Now I just have to wait for traffic to show up.

  7. What I like is the great advice about the layout of the websites. As that has always been a big blocker for me. That and producing content on a daily basis. Thank you! This was great!

  8. some people just like ugly sites because they feel like they are not being sold to…while there are also others that prefer slick sites…this means that the market is really big btw…you are so handsome hahaha

  9. I've had good results with very simple sites. I had someone laugh at one of mine, but I'm the one who laughs because it makes me money, lol

  10. I've learned that you do the same thing with social media/facebook posts. One pic that makes the point and then a link. If words are needed then only one line. Too much fluff and people will ignore it and not share it.

  11. Great observations on the concept of how to layout a site. I need to get a layout template created to use for sites. This has given me a good guide to work from.

  12. This is the same thing I go by. I even have an ugly cheap website that I made for free with my unlimited hosting and subdomain plan. It spend$0.6-1$ a day on advertising and it makes me $2-3 profit. That may not sound much but consider that its enough to cover all my hosting fee for all of my websites.

  13. Love your contents Dan, I've a quick question Dan. How many affiliate websites did you made and how many out of them actually were successful. Thank You 🙂

  14. Thanks Dan, good stuff. I'm going to go tweak a couple of my sites right now, specifically, simplify my headline and sub-headline, and use that subconscious text arrow thing as well.

  15. I'm there right now, I watched your videos last night and love some of the ideas you shared so last night I wrote an e-book on the niche I chose and I want to use it as a bonus giveaway.

    How can I use it the collect email addresses for the bonus ebook download?


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