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Sian Releases ‘X’ Album

Modern techno producer and Octopus Recordings label boss Sian released his latest album, X, today. Though Sian is typically known for creating songs made for dance floor domination, the 18-track body of work features slower tempo and more melodic songs—making for an interesting pivot for the techno producer. 

“I’ve been trying to do something that was progressing from making minimal techno tracks, and I also really like the idea of X being the unknown constant or the random factor,” Sian says. “It’s also crossing out past rules that I had for myself about making techno.”  

Sian adds that he previously focused on making hard-hitting tracks meant to be played during 4 a.m. warehouse sets or at musical festivals, but he was inspired to work more with vocals and slower beats. This shift came as a result of him driving around Los Angeles late at night listening to relaxing music after working.

“A lot of the music I was listening to then was having a lot of effect on me, because it was kind of like an antidote to being in the club and being focused on just making banger tracks,” he says. “I kind of really enjoyed stepping out of that and making more song-based stuff.

“The night has always been a void I can freely create in, the dark, still abyss I try to convey with the atmosphere of my music and design,” he adds. “Long hazy days writing and weekends crashing in strange hotel rooms after ecstatic shows that seemed to juxtapose into one timeline: An idea that X dissolves the past and crosses out the unnecessary parts. Deleting anything not essential to moving forward creatively and, as a human, stripping it down to the raw, blasting away the dust and polishing the hardest edge of my music.”

Sian was slated to tour his X album, but that has since been pushed back due to the COVID-19 crisis. When he is able to tour again, he says his live sets will boast a minimalist set up accompanied by monochrome visuals and strobe lights, delivering the truly hypotonic and pounding performance that he is known for. Though he is unable to go on tour for now, Sian says he’s been utilizing quarantine to learn new skills, such as video editing and creating graphics. 

The Irish-born producer boasts an illustrious career to date, having traveled the globe playing at numerous acclaimed festivals such as CRSSD Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, HARD Summer, Nocturnal Wonderland and Amsterdam Dance Event. Before Sian got into making music, he says he was on the path to becoming a marine biologist. He was raised in Spain, and he says he spent much of his childhood on the beach and swimming in the ocean. His imprint, Octopus Recordings, is even a nod to his favorite sea creature.  

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