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Saucey, Please eMeet Cloudious 9/Tectonic9’s Newest Grinder In A Firehouse

Sitting in front of me is the newest incarnation of the famous Tectonic9 Cloudious9, chargeable, cannabis grinder. It’s colored in the most resinous looking blood-red paint that I can imagine. On top, in white enamel, dripping off the side of the lid of this handsome and heavy to the touch eGrinder, is the letter S. The S is dripping paint, in the style of a tagger or graffiti artist. In this case, S marks that spot. It’s visceral and attractive. Your hands want to touch the S, to see if its wet.

As if the S stood for more than just a metaphor, I say eGrinder, for electronic, because this luxury grinder charges with a mini-USB attachment. Presumably this boldly emblazoned letter painted S on the top means Saucey. The ultra high end producer of luxurious cannabis concentrates and street-cred worthy, high-end flowers that, (purposefully) whisper instead of shout. Shouting about your kind flower is so déclassé’. Saucey has all the righteous chops and they offer something that is rarely seen outside of California. That is creativity in form of deep healing within their hand-tended, pure flowers. I was totally impressed by their descriptors of the various flowers and what they were good for. Their website is intriguing and educational . It drew me in for some real knowledge. Thank you my friends, a job very well done.

The lid of the grinder is made of a heavy duty material like aircraft-aluminum. The rest of the grinder is the same. It’s quite business-like, even for a recent price of under 60 dollars . It attaches to the business end of the grinder with a sturdy click from the magnets contained within. Note to self, keep your tape cassettes and cell phones well away from this grinder. It may demagnetize them without your knowledge. Or take the magnetic strip on the back of your ATM card and make it blank. A word to the wise is keep all electronic magnetics away from a magnetic source. Just saying.

Remove the top and press your favorite flowers into the grinder, replace the lid and grind as usual. The fluffy flowers will gather within. There is a helpful window on the side of the grinder for you to view your now ground flowers before you go to the next step.

On the front of the grinder there is a sliding metal door. Move it slightly and underneath the grinder there is a little metal funnel that will click firmly into place. Do this and await further instructions. Smoke a bowl. Put on some King Tubby.

Ok, now that you are chillaxed, place your favorite cannabis pipe, or if you are very lucky, some Devambez Parisian certified biologically cultivated hemp rolling papers under the tiny internal funnel. Depress the little white on/off switch mounted flush on the side of the grinder and a tiny LED light illuminates the inside of the crimson hued grinder. It’s very impressive to feel the heft of this grinder in your hand as it vibrates and dispenses your fine flowers directly into your intended vessel or papers. One charge will last at least a month.

Tectonic9/Cloudious9 does what you thought you knew how to do, only much better.

The Firehouse refers to the dub music master, King Tubby and his studio.

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