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Pandemic Rules to Follow while Returning Back to Work

Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc and has brought mankind to a standstill. Intertwining with long-term psychological effects, many of us are going through a rumination in the time of isolation which is as common as an affliction.

To get our lives to return to some semblance of normalcy- instead of another extension to the lockdown, new guidelines for the fifth phase termed as “Unlock 0.1” focuses on rejuvenating economic activities with the minimized movement of people.

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The pandemic has changed our perception of time. We speed up and slow down, bend, and restructure time in many different ways as per our daily schedule but amid the crisis, we lost the track of time, wondering which day of the week it is. It is typically hard to imagine a future that is completely distinctive from the present scenario. To overcome the lack of foresight and eradicate the enforced presentism, employees must return to work rather than just respond to events.

But our world has shifted and it takes “higher consciousness” and “emotional energy” to cope with the pandemic. Definitely, for many of us, it might feel different stepping out of the house and the feeling o, fear and anxiousness about a pandemic is something which won’t alleviate from the mind all too soon. Since we have to live with this virus and it is important to have this pushed deep inside our mind so that we don’t face everyday challenges. It is important to feed this into our subconscious minds. And to reprogram our minds, with the help of nine to enhance our consciousness and inner energy while resuming to work.

Positive Affirmations – It is great to speak affirmations before sleeping at night during the pandemic. Practicing affirmations is a proven method of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. Using positive affirmations can help us to keep focused on our inner goals.

“I am healthy”

“My immune system is working great”

“My body can fight against any infections”

“I am capable of handling the situation positively”

Using positive affirmations can help us to keep focused on our inner goals. Pixabay

Of course, along with these affirmations, it is important to take care of your diet, exercise, and sleep routine. As they say, health needs to be tackled holistically. Only doing good for your physical body is not enough. Mental & emotional bodies are also important to keep you healthy and sound.

Take advantage of this partial lockdown phase to start your day by listening to the chirping of birds and having a relaxing cup of herbal tea. Avoid having sugar and milk tea first thing in the morning. Instead prefer herbal concoctions like ginger, turmeric, black pepper, Tulsa, etc. This will also boost your immunity.

Immunity & mood enhancer crystals – Carry healing crystals that will help to boost up your immunity & mood – bloodstone is great to increase immunity. If possible, wear it as a pendant above your thymus gland area. It boosts the immune system. Place a black tourmaline & selenite on your work desk, they will save you from electromagnetic radiations, negative energy and brighten up the energy there. We do not need negativity of any sort around us. It would be great to put pyrite on top of your business card on your work desk as that will attract positive energy as far as prosperity and abundance is concerned. We all want to avoid that financial anxiety in these stressful days.

Angelic Zibu Symbol – Use the Angelic Zibu symbol of optimum health to reinforce good health in you and your family. You can draw it on your left hand with a pen. You can also draw it somewhere on your body where it is not visible to others (if you prefer that way). Ask the Angels to bless you with optimum health. You can also air draw this symbol on all your seven chakras to keep them in good health. Use the Angelic Zibu symbol of fluidity at your workplace on a stick-on, which will help you to go with the flow instead of resisting the situation. Mentally affirm “I release rigidity as I flow with ease into the now”.

Use the Angelica symbols to bring peace vibes this pandemic
Use the Angelic Zibu symbol of optimum health to reinforce good health in you and your family. Flickr

Breathing to Meditate – Take frequent breaks while working to relax yourself. There is fear, stress, and negative energy around us. So take a break, take a few deep breaths and mentally chant ‘OM’ a few times to center yourself. This will help you keep sane & improve your productivity as well.

Focus your attention on positive news & media – Although the number of cases being reported every day is high, let us not forget that the number of recovered cases have now surpassed the number of active cases. And that is a very good sign. While it is important to know the facts and numbers right, it is also important to understand that attaching unnecessary fears or emotions to the news is not right for our own sanity.

Physical health is also important to take care of. If you are unable to go out for walks in the garden, spend some time doing indoor exercises. Spare some time for your routine and indulge in physical activities. It helps to maintain a sense of balance.

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Eating healthy and home-cooked food cannot be stressed more. Carry healthy snacks like dry fruits, nuts, fresh fruits at work to avoid mid-meal hunger pangs. Staying hydrated is also very important for the brain to function properly.

Carry your own steel or copper water bottle for drinking water. Avoid plastic bottles. It is also a good idea to put in clear quartz or rose quartz crystal inside the bottle and drink the crystal-infused water. It will help in maintaining your holistic health. (IANS)

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