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New Otterbox Chargers With Fast Charge Eliminate The Need For Factory Chargers

Otterbox has launched a new line of hardware at just the right time. Rumors are swirling about the iPhone 12 charger. Will Apple charge extra for a separate fast wall charger? Will it include anything in the box at all to charge your iPhone?

It’s an interesting problem, but it’s all speculation at this point. No matter what the reality of the situation turns out to be, the best way to be prepared is to level up your charging game right now with Otterbox’s new Fast Charge lineup. 

Otterbox has an easy visual indicator so that you can quickly find their fastest chargers. Just look for the gold band. They all support fast charging and are extra durable. 

Wall and Car Charging

The USB-C Wall Charger is perfect for charging at home. It’s built to deliver 18W of power as opposed to the standard 5W of power that you’d get from a normal wall charger. The prongs fold into the body of the charger for when you need to toss it in your bag. 

There are also dual charge models available with an additional USB-A or USB-C port. 

If you need real on-the-go charging, you can get the same premium build in a car charger. You can get the car charger in USB-C, USB-A and C, and dual USB-A variations. 

The charging bundles come in black or white and start at $34.95.

Battery Packs

The other part of Otterbox’s new Fast Charge lineup are their battery packs. These hefty monsters can charge your phone multiple times and feel decidedly premium. The textured leather-like surface makes them stand out from the pile of black bricks you have sitting by your computer. 

The 20,000 mAh model features the same 18W fast charging from the USB-C port as the other products in the line. There’s also a USB-A port for dual charging. The LED on the side isn’t overly bright and is easy to read. Otterbox has also conducted drop-tests on their power banks to make sure that an unplanned trip to the floor won’t render your battery useless. 

If you don’t want to mess with wires at all, you can grab one of the Qi-enabled models. These deliver 10W of power through the charger on top of the battery. Thankfully, it’s clearly marked. Rather than having to hunt around, shifting your phone back and forth to try and find the Qi charger, you can drop it and go. 

The battery packs are coming soon, but will start at $34.95 for a 10,000 mAh power bank. 


Otterbox has tested their new Fast Charge cables to ensure that they’ll last, bending them 3,000 times to test their durability (10,000 times in the case of their premium cables). They feel surprisingly solid out of the box and, sure enough, don’t feel like they’re going to fall apart after a couple of charging sessions. 

They come in a multitude of colors with both USB-C-to-C or USB-C-to-Lightning options (so you’re covered no matter what the connector for the new iPhone 12 will be). 

They come in lengths from 1-3 meters and start at $24.95. Sure, you can get cheaper generic cables on Amazon, but you’ll end up spending more in replacements when they fail, have a lot more frustration, and possibly damage your device with sub-par power delivery. I’d rather stick with a cable that’s backed by a warranty. 

With Apple playing cost-cutting games with their flagship products, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’ve got a reliable solution for keeping your devices powered up. Save yourself some time and headache and get the best right now.

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