How to Make $30-$75 Per Hour Online Part Time (Slapping Keys on Your Keyboard)

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How to make $25, $30, to $75 an hour online part-time by mashing keys on your keyboard. You can do this in your spare time and also get paid fast. Join the Deadbeat Revolution movement now:

35 comments on “How to Make $30-$75 Per Hour Online Part Time (Slapping Keys on Your Keyboard)

  1. Seriously… another person on YouTube saying that writing content is just typing. What clickbait, you have to be a quality writer and it's hard to get on upwork

  2. Step 1. Scripted, hire writers text brokers, upworker, freelancer, SEO
    Step 2 copywriting build up your reputation through authority
    Step 3 write a book, ebook

  3. Premium domain now and top notch video quality! Dude, you're stepping up your game even more! Keep up the good work… I'm enjoying following your content!

  4. Jee… This is apparently only for people whose native language is English. To bad for 70 % of the world's population.

  5. Dan the Man, thanks for another great video. I started freelance writing last year and I began exactly like this. 6 months into it and I have a steady client list, work 2-3 hours a day and of course take a daily nap.. I am, however, looking to up the ante and start building niche sites for affiliate marketing so I will be binge watching all your vids on that subject. Love the info you create and the way you deliver it, many thanks!

  6. Hi, anyone in the comments please comment. I have a Fiverr gig that is doing well for sports content, what are some ways that people monetize this type of content ?

  7. Two issues people need to understand before doing this: The content mills mentioned here usually only pay $20-$30 per 1000 words. And, crucially, the work can be rejected, in which case you won't get paid at all. As side hustles go, this wouldn't be high on my list. (Dan, love the new intro – it looks really professional)

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