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Fresh Insights On What Prompts Guys to Cheat

Cheating is a trait mostly identified with humans and there is a myriad of reasons why one cheats, as the average human is by nature naughty.

Even though we know cheating is bad we still indulge in it anyway. A lot of things can instigate a man that cheats, they can be superficial or more than what meets the eye.

We are all too familiar with the age-old excuses such as “my wife is fat”, “my wife nags” or “she is not giving me enough sex”, “I need to ease off work stress” and the list is endless, but are these the real reasons behind a double-dealing man? Or are they just self-denial stories to justify their obvious acts of infidelity when caught?

Men have been seen to come up with reasons to cheat as the only option available when their relationship is in a bad place, even blaming it on their cheating mate thus running away from the responsibility of their action.

Despite attempts to always have women take the centre stage of a man’s assumed inability to be monogamous, here are some unequivocal reasons why men cheat.

Ageing and low self-confidence
As some of the male gender age, they are faced with a midlife crisis that leaves them low on ego, thus sprawling on their prowess to still be a charmer rather than turning to their better half in times like this. Thus, they seek validation from other women testing the waters while still in a defined relationship.

Getting you to do the dirty job
Some relationships last to the point of no importance inevitably leading some to crave a fresh start. However, rather than face the drama that comes with a breakup story, some decide to cheat. This is a conscious game plan he comes up with knowing his soon-to-be “ex” will read the handwriting on the wall and call it quits while he walks free.

Another that tops these reasons is commitment
For most guys, they hear commitment a while away and get a few things twisted. He misunderstands the sugar rush that spikes the honeymoon phase of every relationship and is oblivious of the calm that sets in later on.

Memories of the past
Some of the male genders are stuck in unresolved childhood trauma and cannot seem to leave the cycle of that life. This childhood wound makes it hard to show commitment and lacking in the knowledge of how to love right. In the case of a traumatised childhood, there have been cases of grown men lashing out and using sexual infidelity to try to heal their wounded ego.

Searching for what is not missing
Oftentimes especially in times of crisis, we begin to focus so much on the negative and dream that something is missing in our relationship. This can drives both partners on a search for love and affection only to realise that it has been there all along after they have been unfaithful to their partner.

Cheating, unfaithfulness, infidelity, adultery all come in different names but play out the same way in real-life situations. One important aspect, however, is that it is a high cost in all relationships and comes with consequences of divorce, separation, and broken heart stemming into hatred. Basically, cheating is a ticking time bomb in relationships.

There are other subtle options to consider while dealing with rocky unions and cheating is not on the list of that.

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