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‘Destiny 2’ Fans Expecting A New ‘Darkness’ Race Will Have To Keep On Waiting

While we know the main enemy of Beyond Light, Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, Eramis, the Fallen Ship-Stealer, fans are still hoping there’s one more reveal to come.

As we brace for year 4 of Destiny 2, and what is year 7 of the entire series, fans are hoping that we move beyond the current four main enemy races and get a fully new one. A Darkness race, the “Veil” as many rumors and leaks have called it.

Since the beginning, we have been fighting Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal. We have two “sub” races in the form of Taken, modified versions of the previous four, then the Scorn from Forsaken, which are at least mechanically a new race in terms of design, and yet in the lore, they are modified Fallen, albeit to a greater extent than the SIVA-infused Splicer Fallen from D1.

So, the fanbase wants a fully new race. One new invading force to join the others.

You ain’t gonna get one.

While this is technically just me speculating, I think I know where we’re headed here, and it isn’t to the “Veil” as you think of them as a fully new fifth race to join the original four.

First, what we know about Eramis. She’s a Fallen Captain who has taken command of House Devils. She has built a Fallen base in the shadow of a Pyramid on Europa. She wields the Darkness’s Stasis power, and seems intent on killing both us, and getting revenge on the Traveler which betrayed the Fallen.

It seems extremely clear to me that while we indeed may get a “mechanically” new race like the Scorn, instead this will be another modification of the Fallen. Stasis Fallen, Ice Fallen, whatever you want to call them. Dark-bearing Fallen to our Light-bearing Guardians. Although we’ll get Stasis powers too, clearly.

But no Veil (unless the Fallen are called that). No doors of Pyramid ships opening and a new enemy race spilling out. This will not happen this fall, and I do not think it will ever happen.

I think people are not quite understanding what the Pyramids actually are. It’s a throwaway line in the game, I think during either the Cradle mission or the Contact event, but your Ghost says something along the lines that he doesn’t think the Pyramids are ships, but are instead paracausal entities like the Traveler.  

In short, these are not transport ships with enemy forces lurking inside, these are actual sentient beings, or at most, objects controlled by a singular sentient being, similar to how the Traveler is a giant orb that gifts us light, but there is no “Traveler race” lurking inside of it. We are the Traveler race. It may have motivations and goals and can even speak (although the Traveler hasn’t said much in a long while), but this is also how the Pyramids operate. They are entities in and of themselves whose “gifts” to other races is how they function and achieve their ends, for the most part.

If you’ve been paying attention to really anything the Pyramids have said or done both in-game or in the lore books, they are not trying to destroy us, they are trying to recruit us. If we resist too hard they will fight against us, sure, hence Eramis coming to kill us, but their ultimate goal is to give us the “gift” of Darkness the way the Traveler gave us the Light. And from the looks of the next expansion, they will succeed, in part, given that we are indeed using Stasis ourselves. But also if you’ve paid attention to…the entire history of the game, it’s not clear the Traveler is a “good guy” here. I mean, we’re a bunch of superpowered soldiers raised from the dead by a mysterious space orb and commanded to exterminate every other race in the solar system. Should we not be questioning that even a little bit?

But the point is, what is not happening is that some new enemy race is emerging from the ships for us to fight. That is not the purpose of these ships and the point is they are not really ships at all. Yes, I know there was Pyramid concept art from like seven years ago showing a “ghostly” new race, but I think that was already realized from Shadowkeep’s Nightmares, and all the 4chan leaks about the new “Veil” race are false, unless they’re referring to Stasis Fallen (you’ll note that none of those leaks said anything about Eramis at all).

The way I could see a “new” race emerging is if there’s say, a class of “evil” Guardians who get so corrupted by Darkness they turn into a fully new enemy race. As in, we start fighting enemy humans, awoken and exo, consumed by Darkness, and they become the “Veil.” And we’d be fighting ourselves for the first time outside of Crucible. That would be cool. That is also not what is happening this fall, for sure, so don’t get your hopes up.

I think people just need to A) understand what the Pyramids really are and B) prepare for this fall where you are not going to see a brand new race, but almost certainly another modified version of an old one. I know that may disappoint some, but I think it can work. Just realize what we’re probably heading into with Beyond Light.

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