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Chevy Mustang And Evan Rachel Wood Ask, ‘Can I Be Your Friend’

How to explain Chevy Mustang, the unique dance artist who is about to unleash the catch phrase of the summer of 2020 — “Can I be your friend?” Explaining Chevy Mustang is not an easy task.

How does an unknown artist, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Max Collins of successful 1990s alternative band Eve 6 (I mean really uncanny), come up with an infectious hook and land a respected Hollywood star like Evan Rachel Wood (HBO’s Westworld) on his first single?

“I’m a former disciple of Chevy Mustang but once I realized the pyramid scheme he was running we amicably parted ways. the song is ok I guess,” Rachel Wood says of her involvement in “Can I Be Your Friend?”

The best way to explain Chevy Mustang, the Fresno to Los Angeles artist who gives two thumbs down to Radiohead and the Beatles, but swears Tyson chicken nuggets are the greatest food ever, is to let Mr. Mustang explain his teachings, why he dreams of being friends with Barack and Michelle Obama, the songs on his upcoming album and more.

Enjoy the premiere of the really fun and engaging song of the summer here. And hope you get the one of a kind experience that is the conversation with Chevy Mustang. It is a very entertaining trip.

Steve Baltin: When you are in your meditation and you think of people that you would like to be your friend who comes to mind?

Chevy Mustang: The way that I view friendship is I see it to be fundamentally transactional. So when I’m thinking about people that I would maybe like to befriend I think, “What can I get from them? Do they have something to offer me?”Although I am already sort of an alpha dog, I am always trying to scramble even higher up the totem pole, the hierarchy. And these things exist for a reason. So if I have to bite and claw and kick and scratch these are all noble forms because they are acts of self love to get to the very top. Sometimes you have to do a little bit of biting, kicking and scratching.

Baltin: So who is at the top of the totem pole you would want to befriend?

Mustang: Heads of state. I’m talking about former presidents like Barack Obama and his lovely wife Michelle. These are people I would like to sort of transcend their status and I would love to be friends with them so I could then become more powerful than they are.

Baltin: What would you do with that power?

Mustang: I think what I would do is continue to do what I’ve always done, whether I have an audience of no one or an audience of thousands of people. I’m a teacher. That’s what I do. My natural state is to illuminate the nature of reality for philistines. I will do that now, where I am, which is comfortably placed, I would say in the upper three quarter section of the hierarchy. And I will do that once I get to the pinnacle of the mountain top and feel the clean air blow through and through.

Baltin: So going back to the transactional friendships what do you get from becoming friends with Evan Rachel Wood?

Mustang: She is obviously a very famous actor, very talented one too. She was a student of mine for a long time. We have recently amicably parted ways in the student teacher relationship. But we remain friends. And from her what I gained is the ability to teach her so much about reality. It is the most gratifying thing, for me, to get the student or disciple, however you want to call them, to wake up, to open their eyes to the true nature of reality. And being able to do this for Evan Rachel Wood was really a gift for me.

Baltin: So is there more music/teachings on the way?

Mustang: I have about an album and a half worth of material recorded, ready to go. And we have a song that I think will be the next single called “Pan Psychic.” It explores the idea of pan psychism, which is that there is consciousness in everything. There is something that it is like to be a table; there is something that it is like to be a TV remote, etc. And I find this fascinating. And it is something I have always held to be true in an intuitive sense. I’ve sort of known this to be true.

Baltin: What can you tell me about the rest of the material/teachings?

Mustang: This is what you do. You have to hook the young people with music. I’m not really a fan of music myself. I don’t like to listen to it. Matter of fact I never heard a single musical note until I was about 17 or 18 years old. We were deprived of what passes for entertainment these days. I think I was better off for it. I didn’t listen to music, but I was composing. I would hear it in my head. And I would do these compositions without having ever heard a single note of music, not a single lullaby, nothing. So I took these compositions and when I got off my direct flight from Fresno to Los Angeles I had already written about four or five albums that I completely destroyed, much like the Tibetan Sand Mandalas, but far less pretentious. But I would do these incredible compositions and dance concept albums and they never saw the light of day. Until I felt that I was ready. So I’m making music now to hook the young people, to get them to say, “Oh this is fun, I can dance to this.” And then make them curious about the deeper lesson behind the music.

Baltin: Are there other teachers you have learned from outside of music?

Mustang: I’ve read great works of all the greatest religious traditions and I continue to read them. Eckhart Tolle, actually a student of mine, brilliant mind. So these are teachers I am fond of. And as far as music goes there is one good group — Sleaford Mods. What is good about music, it is subjective. So if you tell me that Radiohead or something is good obviously I think they’re not good, two thumbs down. But that’s what’s beautiful about music, you have your opinion and I have mine. Everyone else not so much, two thumbs down.

Baltin: So two thumbs down for the Beatles?

Mustang: Absolutely, highly, highly overrated group. I actually think rock and roll was going somewhere until the Beatles came along and started to throw these expensive chords into the mix. I want to get a sense of freedom and primal longing when I listen to music. And when I listen to the Beatles I hear sort of carnival music.

Baltin: So if Paul McCartney wanted to be your friend what is the answer?

Mustang: Sure, I think I would say, “Listen, Saul McFartney, thank you for the call, but hard pass.”

Baltin: So if you would say hard pass to McCartney, Evan Rachel Wood should be honored you want to be her friend.

Mustang: And I think she is. She’s really got an incredible depth of spirit and intelligence about her. And that’s why she gravitated towards Chevy Mustang.

Baltin: So after the song comes out what do you say to everyone who wants to be your friend?

Mustang: What I do with people on Twitter who have heard the song and are fond of tweeting, “Can I be your friend?” is I pander to them and I say, “Sure, we can be friends.” I give them this sense of false hope. They don’t know it’s that. They probably are thinking we are best friends. That’s fine, that probably makes their day. But in reality it is not so. I need real power players to actually be friends with.

Baltin: But even though you are very particular about other musicians I imagine you would love to be friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z?

Mustang: Sure, I think they are good teachers. But I don’t want to listen to their music. I would rather listen to a metal song, like drive through layers of the hardest composite alloy, than listen to the music of Beyonce or Jay-Z. I’d love to be friends with them. I would clamor and beg for their friendship. But I don’t want to listen to their tunes.

Baltin: When does the album come out?

Mustang: I think we are going to do the drip, drip, drip thing, where we put out songs every two to three weeks. Since we have this megastar Evan Rachel Wood we might give it a bit more time to sort of let the public become aware of it. But shortly thereafter we will be releasing “Pan Psychic.” We have a song called “Blue State,” about California, that I look forward to releasing. And we have a host of others. We have a song called “I Don’t Care,” which I’m very fond of. We really have probably 12 to 14 tracks ready to go and still continuing to write.

Baltin: Where does Chevy Mustang come from? What is your background?

Mustang: When presented with an enigmatic figure like Chevy Mustang people want to know more. I come from Fresno, California. It’s where I was born and raised. I was also sort of a bookish kid. This is the way I grew up; composing music in my mind as I would take my daily walk to the Circle K, about a three and a half mile walk roundtrip. And this was really my life until I decided to get on a direct flight from Fresno to Los Angeles and really start my teaching and entertainment career.

Baltin: What actor would you like to sing with besides Evan Rachel Wood?

Mustang: That’s a great question and one I should probably give more thought to because Evan Rachel Wood came to me clamoring and begging me for an opportunity to feature on a Chevy Mustang song. And I obliged her, even though at first I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to share the limelight with her. But then I thought, “Hey, why not. Let’s give her an opportunity to be on a real dance record.” So I did that for her. I think looking into the future I would love to work with a fellow like Tom Cruise. I would love to work with the likes of Will Smith, actors of this caliber, real A plus listers is who I would consider working with next. But I would put Tom Cruise in the number one position. Between me and you I do find his speaking voice makes me bristle with antagonism. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lovely singing voice. There are plenty of examples of this, people you hear them talk and you think, “Please stop talking because it’s really bringing out in me sort of an ancient rage.” But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a beautiful singing voice. There’s only one way to find out and that probably will mean me, not Chevy Mustang personally, but one of my subordinates reaching out to one of his subordinates and seeing if we can make magic happen.

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