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Begin Living Your Best Life by Adopting These 5 Habits

During a pandemic, living your “best life” might seem impossible; your world has likely turned upside down. Daily tasks can feel overwhelming, not to mention trying to achieve your long-term goals. You’re just focusing on keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy and getting the bills paid. Between quarantine and possibly being out of work for a while, how can you even think about living your best life? Now, more than ever, you must do YOU. Living your best life isn’t complex; it just takes living day-by-day and being kind to yourself. Finding your purpose and reaching your greatest potential will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. Start on the road to your best life by:

1. Practicing Visualization

Is there a dream job that you’ve been wanting? Is there a place that you wish you could live? These ambitions may seem impossible to achieve, so why try? But what if you DO try and succeed? Visualization involves imagining yourself living the life of your dreams. If you achieve first in your mind’s eye, it may motivate you to try things that are out of your comfort zone. This is the first step to making your dreams happen. What’s uncomfortable and overwhelming at the moment will ultimately help you to develop a clearer focus.

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2. Setting Goals

Setting goals helps you to discover the life that you want. Writing short-term and long-term goals and concentrating on them one-by-one helps you to live life with a purpose without being overwhelmed by trying to do too much too fast. Looking back at the list over time will help you to see all that you’ve accomplished; you’ll be more motivated to work towards your long-term goals. By setting goals and completing them daily or weekly you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed with life in general. 

living your best life
Looking back at the list over time will help you to see all that you’ve accomplished; you’ll be more motivated to work towards your long-term goals. Pixabay

3. Focusing Less on Social Media

Social media is good at reeling you in and preoccupying you for longer than you intended. That’s often not a good thing. Scrolling through the endless stream of posts can inundate you with negative feelings. From world events, complaining friends or posts that only make you envious of friends who seem to have the “perfect” life, which in turn can make you feel depressed and undervalued. Social media is good in small doses. Doing otherwise wastes valuable time that could be spent bettering yourself and improving your quality of life. 

4. Learning New Things

Lifelong learning provides several benefits. It keeps your mind stimulated with a flow of images and ideas. Life becomes less monotonous. You may even find an interest that sparks a new-found passion. Make time to read about something you’re interested in, or learn a new craft or language. These days, the internet provides an unlimited amount of information on an infinite number of subjects. So, there’s no excuse to not constantly be learning something.  

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5. Showing Yourself Some Love

In the chaotic flow of everyday life, you may put yourself on the back burner; other aspects of your life seem to take precedence. Your loved ones — particularly kids or elderly parents — and your job get most of your attention; by the end of a typical day, you feel spent. Don’t neglect yourself. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others. Do something nice for yourself every day, something just for you that makes you feel good. If you have time for a vacation and can afford it, indulge yourself by taking a cruise to Mexico. It doesn’t even need to be that involved; something as simple as spending time outside, taking a nap, getting a massage, or treating yourself to a nice lunch can also help you feel renewed.  

Living your best life isn’t complicated; you can start today — right now, in fact. Pretty soon, you’ll see a difference in your confidence and overall happiness, and your life will significantly improve as you grow as a person. 

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