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Android Phones May Soon Show You When A Business Is Calling You

Google is rolling out a new feature for its Google Phone app for Android – Verified Calls, as uncovered in a new support article.

Think of it as an advanced version of Caller ID — businesses must provide Google your phone number and their reason for calling, once the business’s information is also verified by Google. Once the information is verified by Google, it will deliver a verified call badge, the business’s name and logo and a reason for why the business is calling you to the Google Phone app.

Google told The Verge that the feature is currently being piloted in Brazil and it is unclear when the feature would be more widely available. Users can choose to disable the feature if they desire.

A survey conducted by Roboshield found that on average, 54% of calls received by those surveyed were unwanted. Most cell phones are unable to transcode traditional Caller ID normally found on landline phones, as they do not receive the same signaling, leaving most unknown calls without a name.

It is likely Google’s new feature may try to eliminate the number of unwanted calls received by users, but it is unclear how businesses will be able to administer these calls and whether there will be enough businesses signed up to make an impact.

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