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All You Need to Know About Judaism

The rich heritage of law, culture, & tradition make Judaism one of the most revered religions. It is one of the oldest religions that dates back to 4000 years and acknowledges the idea of one God or monotheism.

Founder of Judaism

For the people who follow Judaism, the only way to connect with the God is prophets. The prophets have an agreement with the God who believed to have revealed his presence to them. According to the belief, the founder of Judaism is said to be a Hebrew man “Abraham’. Tanakh is the religious text of Judaism also known as Hebrew Bible. Torah is a part of Tanakh which outlines religious laws, theology and practices for the Jews.

People of the Jewish religion worship in Synagogues and their spiritual prophets are called Rabbis. The symbol of Judaism is the six pointed Star of David.

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Beliefs of Judaism

There are almost 15 million people who follow Judaism. And almost all of them live in the United States and the Israel. A person is only considered Jewish if his parents are Jewish. A popular belief of Jews people says that God communicates them through prophets and reward them for good actions while punish them for the evil ones.

All You Need Know About Judaism
There are almost 15 million people who follow Judaism. Pixabay

Judaism Holidays & Festivals


Shabbat is a holiday of Jewish people that has a remarkable importance. On this day, follower of this faith gives due respect to God and their creation. The holiday observes seven days of the week with day of rest and seventh day of holiday of God’s completion of creation.

Rosh Hashanah

Another wonderful festival of Jewish culture is Rosh Hashanah that is also a Jewish New year. This festival is celebrated with prayers, ceremonies, traditional rituals, and sacred meals that serve God and then people who practice it. The entire day is celebrated with prayers and delving deeper into meditation.


Hanukah represents freedom from slavery and oppression. On this festival, there are prayers offered, games are played, meals are prepared and lighting of menorah is done.

Important Religious Items for the Jewish


Shofar is a horn of Kofer animal that can be blown. The sound of the horn is a vital part of the prayers during Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). These horns are incorporated during the prayers multiple times to hear the sound multiple times which is necessary to complete the traditional ritual. The blowing of horn pretty much means coronating God as – the king of the World.


Candlesticks precisely Shabbat Candlesticks is pivotal to approach divine entities. For Jews, these candlesticks hold significant value in completing the mitzvah for Jewish women. There are amazing things here and lighting candlesticks is one of them. During Shabbat holidays, these are a perfect gift for every woman that comes in spectacular designs.

All You Need Know About Judaism
Mezuzahs are among the most religious component of the Jewish faith. Pixabay

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Mezuzahs are among the most religious component of the Jewish faith. These items comprise of religious text that contains Hebrew verses from Torah. These teaching are inscribed on a parchment paper and then place them in box called Mezuzah to be hanged on doorpost.


Since ancient times, the wooden boxes – Tzedakah – are used to collect money. Jews give a lot of charity, so these boxes aid as a good item to collect and donate the money during the Jewish holidays. These boxes encourage the importance of giving as a teaching of Jewish culture and religion.

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