Affiliate Marketing: How Much Can You REALLY Make In 2019?

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I break down the 3 tiers of affiliate marketing, and give you realistic numbers for how much you can make with affiliate marketing based on how many hours per day you work at it.

21 comments on “Affiliate Marketing: How Much Can You REALLY Make In 2019?

  1. I am between Passionate and Pro level, however, I don't agree entirely with your income statements.

    >90% of all marketers make (way) less than $1000 a month (hobby) or nothing at all, just spending money on courses / shiny objects, and not taking enough persistent action

    >95% make less than $3000/mth (passionate)

    I'd say only 1-2% make $5K/mth or more.

    I am talking about consistently!

    My income comes entirely from internet marketing, and it was hard work!

    You need to be committed DAILY, set GOALS.

    Show your commitment by giving up doing other things, like going out with your friends, watching netflix etc. to make time and room in your life to achieve those goals and really start to make money online!

    The one thing that is stopping you is FOCUS and persistent ACTION.

  2. There is no limit to make money in affiliate marketing.. It takes time,dedication,commitment,passion,consistency,great content, goal. There is no overnight formula of success.. To be in one percent circle we need to work like one percent successful Affiliate marketer.. I agree with him..🙏🙏

  3. Hey Dan. Can I get you as a mentor? I've been doing affiliate marketing all this year and still failing. So I think it's the right time to get a mentor that can direct me the right way into affiliate marketing 🙂

  4. Could you do me a favour Dan and post a link to the travel niche affiliate video you made a couple of weeks ago?Can't find it anywhere on your channel.Watched a bit,but got interrupted!Love to watch the whole thing.

  5. I'm at the learning stage, just starting to implement some of the things I've learned at hobby level right now. I'll start part-time in 2019, with my goal being $5,000 a month. At that point, I want to drop back down to hobby level, just enough to maintain that. People like you are helping me a lot, giving me all the tips and tricks I need to move up faster. I'm just doing this because I'm a freelance writer, and am tired of writing to make other people rich, so I figure I'll so it for myself and see what happens.

  6. I want to work at it 8 to 12 hours a day like a full time job. I’ve been at it for about a year and admit that I have made literally $0 because I always jump to a new idea and loose faith in the old idea.

  7. Great video Dan… keeping it real in this one! I've been working hard, I would say above a hobbyist, but maybe not at a pro level due to the time suck of my day job. Nevertheless, I am making improvements thanks to your Tube Tycoon program – making more each month in affiliate sales. I was wondering if you ever are going to do a workshop in Baltimore?

    Launching a YouTube channel is a bit lonely at times – what I mean is that very few people in my city are YouTubers, and I want to meet more like-minded, motivated people to learn from and collaborate with. The Facebook group is great, but I think an in-person workshop with you and all your deadbeats would be very inspiring and a way for us all to learn and grow.

    I know you're super busy and it's probably not financially at the top of your list of things to do, but I know a lot of us would be interested in something like this with you. Regardless, I have learned a ton from you and others in your group, so for that I am very grateful and pumped for the upcoming year!

  8. Well I am not a pro but I am fully dedicated as in I have cut out 40 hours a week to give this thing a try. I have purchased several programs on the subject of ecom and affiliate marketing I have had several websites selling everything from stunguns to porn.I have made money lost money with facebook ads google ads crypto and the whole nine yards. From the middle of 2016 to the beginning of 2018 I was experimenting and trying everything ended up losing 17000 grand on facebook ads this pissed me off and I quit.I ended with 1 site that took a week for me to build that generates between 100 to 200 dollars a month on autopilot. This site has made me 3500 dollars since feb. I said I quit but really I had to take a few months off to look at the situation and restructure my plan. I will focus on affiliate marketing and product creation 100% of my focus will be on making content for youtube. My strategy is to generate consistent sells without spending a dime on ads.I will be launching my third channel in a killer niche in the beginning of Jan. to make a long paragraph short I am basically saying…I am not fucking around I am in it to win it.

  9. I've been following you for more than a year and I now see you're much more honest in terms of affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship. To be frank, a year ago you sounded a little bit like a get rich quick scam. Now I see a lot of value in your content (I must admit there was some value in the previous vids as well!) and just feel comfortable with consuming it as you're building trust with me and your audience.

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