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4 Ways Your Siblings Affect You

Siblings, we sometimes hate to have them but we know we also can’t live without them as they are the best thing to happen to anyone. Through the fights, plays, laughter and cries, we build memories and experiences that are irreplaceable. No matter, whether you are the best buddies or you cannot even stand being in the same room, you two (or three or four!) share an inseparable bond, which will last for a lifetime.

Friends, colleagues and acquaintances may come and go but siblings are forever. There is a reason we all believe in the saying that family is everything. Keep reading to know some of the ways your siblings affect you.


Cheerful African siblings | Photo – Shutterstock

Weight issues

Obesity is known to be genetic as it runs in generations and families but according to studies, your sibings also influence your weight.  Researches conducted from a 2014 based study at Duke University from the Sanford School of Public Policy show that if the older sibling is obese, the chances of the younger one, being the same increase fivefold.

Character talk

There is no concrete evidence to back up the theory that older siblings affect the character of their younger one but it is agreed that siblings do help to shape each other. Siblings do develop separate identities for themselves and in the same run, affect and shape the personality and characteristics as well as the behaviour of the other, to a major extent.

The first teachers

Strong bonds between two kids at home have shown better and more successful connections with peers at school.

Saving marriages is their task

According to a study carried out by Ohio State University in 2013, being a part of a bigger family reduces the chance of divorce due to more chances of being accustomed to adjustment.


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