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3 Traits Of A Toxic Partner In A Romantic Relationship

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Romantic relationships often require extra effort different from friendships or other sorts of relationships. This is because it includes two different people from diverse backgrounds coming together to have an understandable, peaceful, and loving relationship.

Love is beautiful, but love is also hard. The work that goes into a healthy relationship can be boring. Sometimes, it will be frustrating.

Often, the different flaws might not make such relationship work, while some times, the different flaws help the different partners understand each other better.

However, there are times despite the obvious signs that some relationships are not working, the individuals keep pushing and this often leads to toxicity. Below are some signs that show your partner is toxic:

They think love equals happiness
As much as it is possible to find happiness with your partner, they should, however, not be the source of your happiness. Often, people expect their happiness from their partner and when this does not happen, it leads to brooding and other issues in a relationship. When this happens, both partners become toxic and this takes a toll on the relationship and their individuality. When your partner continually depends on you for happiness, you need to have a discussion with them and ensure they find other things that bring them happiness.

Expects perfection
No human is perfect and relationships involve two flawed individuals coming together. If your partner constantly expects you to be perfect, it will likely affect your self-confidence and lead to a peaceless relationship. They make mountains out of molehills. When you make mistakes that could be quietly resolved, they blow it up till it becomes something bigger because they expect you to be perfect.

Shrinks their person in a relationship
As much as you may think you are being romantic and considerate by being available to your partner every time, resist the need to shrink your personality as this is what happens most of the time. It is to lose yourself in love, or even just the idea of love. Without a strong sense of self, toxic people drown in their desires to please their partners. As with most of these traits, they won’t even see how it’s a problem.

If you notice any of these traits, you can take your time and work on them, you can also walk through the journey of growth with your partner while they shed some of these toxic traits.

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