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3 Interesting Health Benefits Of Hot Coffee Over Cold Coffee

A cup of coffee

A cup of coffee | NDATV Food

Drinking coffee in moderation has a number of health benefits from reducing depression, lowering your risk of getting diabetes, improving your workouts, and give your brain a good boost. A 2018 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that drinking coffee can also help you live longer.

People have preferences for how they take their coffee as some like it iced or cold while some others prefer it hot.  Although iced coffee has its own benefits. In this article, we look at some surprising health benefits of drinking hot coffee versus drinking iced coffee.

Hot Coffee Has More Antioxidants
Antioxidants are responsible for the health benefits gotten from coffee and according to a 2018 study published in Scientific Reports, researchers from Thomas Jefferson University found that hot coffee has higher levels of antioxidants than cold brew, which makes it slightly more healthy. The benefits of antioxidants in coffee include a lower risk of cancer, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, and premature death.

Hot Coffee Can Put You In A More Pleasant And Generous Mood
A 2009 study published in the journal Science Science found that experiencing physical warmth, like holding a cup of hot coffee, can increase feelings of interpersonal warmth. Other researches also show that participants in a study who held a cup of coffee were more likely to see others as being generous, caring, and warm. They were also more likely to choose a gift for their friend over themselves.

A Whiff Of Hot Coffee In The Morning Can Wake You Up And Make You Feel Less Stressed
You don’t need to necessarily drink hot coffee to benefit from it. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that the aroma of coffee can alter the activity of certain genes in the brain. More research needs to be done to make any conclusions on the effects of coffee aroma on humans.

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